Haali Media (Matroska) Splitter

by Haali

A tool used to split audio and video streams within a video file

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Haali

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It is no secret to an experienced PC user that there are many formats for audio, video, images and texts. By default, more than one computer will not be able to open all known formats unless it has the appropriate codecs and drivers installed. Although, by and large, an ordinary user does not face such a task - to work with all types of information. Often it is enough for us to have several installed programs for reading certain formats. One of the most popular, but at the same time cunning, media formats is MKV. Its advantage is that it is an open source multimedia container, which also provides the user with a huge number of video editing tools. The films and video sequences compressed in this format are distinguished by their low weight and excellent quality.

There are several programs available for correct reading of MKV files. Haali Media (Matroska) Splitter is one of the most important applications to use the full potential of this media container. While Haali Media Splitter includes many built-in tools and features, the application can be installed on virtually all types of PCs, including those that are not fast. Haali Media (Matroska) Splitter is a kind of filter for decoding and separating video, audio and text streams from each other in the MKV container. Simply put, with the help of this software product, an ordinary user will be able to choose the audio track and, accordingly, the language of translation, as well as enable/disable subtitles. In addition to supporting Matroska files, Haali Media can work with many other popular formats, such as mp4, Ogg Media, AVI.

Splitter is a friend of many players that support the DirectShow media framework, including Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic. Media (Matroska) Splitter is gradually expanding its capabilities. For example, new fonts for subtitles, support for new media types (A_TRUEHD, A_MLP, A_ALAC), support for sampling rates greater than 48 kHz in mp4 have been added in the latest versions. The software product is continuously being developed, and newer versions are being updated and corrected.

- enables dialogue between the user and the media container;

- makes it possible to evaluate all the positive aspects of the MKV format, and also makes it more accessible to users;

- blurs the line between the incompatibility of the video file software in MKV format and the inability of the player to play the file;

- provides all the necessary tools to disable the unwanted audio track;

- turns off or turns on the subtitles;

- is characterized by its compact size and wide functionality;

- is constantly being updated;

- knows how to work with many other formats, except MKV, MKA, MKS;

- provides support for multi-track and multi-segment communication;

- has a concise, simple interface;

- is an ultramodern filter for all types of multimedia devices;

- has open source code. This allows enthusiast programmers to freely modify the functionality;

- is compatible with all versions of Windows, including the latest version 8.

It make it more easier for users and it has simple interface. It fits with many of different sound formats. And it has a function that can turn on or turn off the subtitles. It provides supports for muti-track and constantly being updated.
Really cool and very helpful tool for those into video editing. This can split video and audio files for the purpose of editing. What’s great about it is by splitting up the audio files, you can edit and piece them together more easily to give you a more fluid piece of media by the time your done and have there be no gaps or odd jumps in between.
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