Hazard Perception Test

by Deep River Development

A tool that helps pass the hazard protection section of the DVSA Theory Test.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Deep River Development

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Hazard Perception Test for Windows is a tool that helps pass the hazard perception section of the DVSA Theory Test. The tool is loaded with features that will fully prepare you for your test, including official and custom-made videos including explanations. Growth is encouraged through statistic tracking, detailed explanations, an anti-cheat mechanism to discourage shortcuts, customizable practice tests including your choice of videos, and a Hazard Perception test overview.

For those who live in the UK, this is an extremely useful tool that can ultimately make the difference in whether or not it is passed on the first try. It is crammed with extremely useful knowledge and is available at just €2.09, a price that may very well be worth it to save time, money, and other expenses overall down the line. The official DSVA videos provide an excellent level of legitimacy that makes this tool stand about above any others. Should you want to take an additional driving test (car, motorcycle, LGV, and PCV,) the options for which are available, meaning you could ultimately have a use for the tool beyond the pre-test period.

Perhaps one of the biggest draws is the ease of access. Along with being easy to set up (all it takes is a quick 406 MB download and a mobile device,) it features customizable settings and tests, as well as detailed and personalized statistics to truly make the experience as simple as you'd like. Overall, the app is one I'd highly recommend for those who are looking to take the DSVA Theory Test.


  • 42 custom-made and official DSVA videos with detailed explanations.
  • Extremely easy to use and set up.
  • Customizable practice tests allow you to select any number of videos.
  • Works for car, motorcycle, LGV, and PCV Driving Theory Tests.
  • Detailed statistics encourage growth and build confidence for the DVSA Theory Test.

Requires: Windows 8 Mobile or higher.