Holiday Calculator

by Canadian Mind Products

This tool computes the dates of various holidays for any given year.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Canadian Mind Products

Release : Holiday Calculator 5.2

Antivirus check: passed

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The "Holiday Calculator" software is a computer tool designed to determine the dates of various holidays and commemoration days for any year, whether it's before or after AD. It can be integrated into your own programs to automatically calculate these significant dates.

This tool is perfect for preparing advance paper or electronic calendars, whether they're personal or professional. It can also be used in salary calculations, bus timetables, club meetings, or any other events requiring precise planning. Beyond its primary function, the "Holiday Calculator" can be used for researching historical events or even when drafting novels.

  • Calculation of holiday and commemoration day dates
  • Possibility of integration into your own programs
  • Preparation of electronic or paper calendars
  • Use in salary calculations, bus timetables or club meetings
  • Research of historical events

The "Holiday Calculator" can be used as an Applet or a standalone application. It is currently capable of calculating 69 "holidays", among others New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Inauguration Day, Spring Equinox Day, April Fools' Day, Earth Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Remembrance Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, as well as New Year's Eve.

"The Holiday Calculator enhances planning and organization by accurately determining holiday dates for any year."

Therefore, the "Holiday Calculator" software is an extremely handy and versatile tool, making the planning and organizing of your events throughout the year much easier.

Software should be capable of calculating specific holiday dates
Must support integration into existing programs/apps
Support for creation of electronic and paper calendars
Should allow for use in precise event planning and record keeping

Helps in planning personal and professional events ahead
Can be integrated into your own applications
Assists in researching historical events

Requires manual integration into other programs.
Limited to 69 pre-determined holidays.
No option to add personalized events/dates.
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