by BlueJ software

A downloadable Java tool used to assist Java developing

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BlueJ software

Release: BlueJ 4.2.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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BlueJ is downloadable software for use with Java development. It is different because it is a free service. 


  • BlueJ offers teacher support right on their website, so you are able to quickly and easily troubleshoot problems. 
  • There is a book available on the topic of Java with BlueJ that goes over many of the details of the program and can be a great help to beginners. 
  • There are extensions available for download to enhance the functionality and flow of the BlueJ software, and allowing it further capabilities. 
  • It's sleek and easy design is made for beginners, but can and is used by the most advanced developers. It is a very useful tool for those at all levels. 

BlueJ is an excellent program for both new and seasoned developers. They offer support through books and teaching guides available on their websites. Its sleek design and availability of extensions let the program be easy to use and customizable for both the most simple and complex projects. 

This product is free to download, and available across many platforms.

The BlueJ project is supported by Oracle. They benefit from open source licences for JProfiler and JIRA.

BlueJ is an awesome product because as a pretty green computer programmer, it has a lot of teaching tools available to make it easier to use for someone like me. What is also nice about it is it is very granular and as a result a seasoned professional could get a lot of use out of it as well.
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