FreeRapid Downloader

by FreeRapid

A Java based download manager

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: FreeRapid

Release: FreeRapid Downloader

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Using Free Rapid Downloader is as simple as choosing which URLs you want the files downloaded from and deciding where those files should go. 

  • Copying the download URL will prompt to initiate a file download available where appropriate
  • Download from HTTP file locations with faster speed and less broken downloads than Internet Explorer
  • Bypass many of the normal waiting times for hosting websites such as RapidShare, MediaFire, Hotfile, MediaFire, FileFactory, YouTube, Badongo, FileUpload, Easy-share and over 100 more.
  • Set your computer to automatically shut down after downloads are complete.
  • Download anonymously using a built-in proxy list.
  • Bypasses CAPTCHAs whenever possible.
  • Concomitant downloads from same and different websites possible.
  • Downloads are supported for many streaming videos.

FreeRapid Downloader is a piece of software that offers to save you time in two distinct ways. First, by offering a clean, fast interface for all your downloads. Second, by bypassing the wait on hundreds of different file hosting websites to get your content downloaded faster. Take advantage of any site that offers direct downloads. Download entire sites if you like so you can browse them offline. When it comes to the task of downloading this software is equipped to handle large file amounts, large files, and multiple sources. Tired of pesky CAPTCHAs and file limits when downloading from your favorite file storage sites? FreeRapid Downloader will handle most CAPTCHAs without you ever seeing them and keep retrying your failed downloads until they succeed. Just queue up what you want before bed, set the program to shut down your computer after it's done, and wake up to completed downloads.

System Recommended Requirements:

Windows 2000/Vista/7/XP/Linux

CPU: Pentium 800 MHz

Display: 1024x768 resolution

RAM: 40MB+ free

HDD: 10MB+ free

Software Requirements:

License: Freeware; Donations Encouraged

OS: Windows (7/8/10), Mac Os, Linux)

JRE: Java 1.6+ required.

I think it sounds like a great idea, its very much a niche product, but at one point I totally would have considered this software, I used to download a lot off those websites, I don't anymore. I think it would be a great product for someone who downloads a lot for work, or if websites start having longer wait times. They were normally only like 30 seconds, or a minute, but maybe Im just more patient for the software I was looking at downloading? Good Idea though!
this app is a very good and interesting app to download, it very easy to use Java downloader that supports downloading from youtube, Facebook, Rapidshare and so on, also have very attractive features like support for streaming videos or pictures, auto shutdown options works on MS Windows (all, include Win7 and Win8), Linux and macOS and easy to use. This app is highly recommended to everyone, when you plan to make use of it, I bet you, you will never regret making use of it.
Aidan Dejesus
FreeRapid Downloader is a Java software that braces or enables you to download from programs such as Picasa,YouTube,Rapid-share,Facebook and many other file sharing platforms.It requires the user to copy and paste desired links from any browser to the app which in turn administers the commands on its own. This software is advantageous since the user does not go through lots of clicking let alone the intolerable standby common in other downloading softwares and has at least 730 supported platforms/sites. Among the best features of this software are:It has multi-language interface which mostly comes in versions of English,Bulgarian,Portuguese,Czech etc.It is also easy to use,Has Automatic Plugins updates,Auto-shutdown options,User can perform simultaneous downloading and has smart clipboard monitoring ability.
There are multiple download managers available on the web yet FreeRapid Downloader for Windows stands out of all. This is the only software that my antivirus coexisted with and did not alarm me on downloads to the system C drive. There are few windows that have this capability to be whitelisted by Antivirus software. The status and estimated duration calculations displayed on active downloads is very accurate to the seconds value and it helps me manage my metered internet connection better.
Pretty simple software that is convenient to use and understand. Allows you to download from many different sources including my favorite YouTube. Very self-explanatory as well and it pretty much does all of the work in the background so you don't have to worry about trying to keep up with everything. Will be using this product all of the time.
This is a simple app for many people who want to download files onto their windows computer. They can download from Rapidshare, YouTube, Facebook and other sites. This is a free application to use and people on their PC can really enjoy this one. This is a great platform to use for people who want to make sure that their files are in order and up to date. This is a good one for people who liked to be entertained on their computer.
FreeRapid Downloader for Windows is a leading java downloader enabling you to download videos across a plethora of sites including many known social media websites. You can download video at the same time from different sites in tandem, it offers a download history, works across all platforms and has a multi-language UI so is suitable for all nationalities to use. Overall a solid java video downloader.
This is very useful to software users. It would be great if the author added a cache of writing the downloader data to disk-like in the free downloader manager. No more clicking or uncomfortable waiting. This software is developed by word rider. The main feature of this software is that it can download any video for you. The software is very lightweight. There is a feature of smart clipboard monitoring.
well I would say free rapid download is a download manager software that manages all of its downloads from a single place it is available foe Mac Os'', Linux and Windows users, it has a very simple and good user interface, it has an amazing smart keyboard monitoring. Another thing I love about free rapid downloader is that it supports concurrent downloading's from multiple devices I give them 5 stars man
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