IBM Hitachi Drive Fitness Test

by IBM

A program that accesses the Hitachi hard drive microcode to enable diagnosis of hard drive operations

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: IBM

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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IBM Hitachi Drive Fitness Test is a program designed to diagnose hard drives manufactured by Hitachi and IBM. In addition to diagnostics, the application can recover broken sectors on the hard disk, delete the boot sector and perform formatting at a low level.

I'm not sure why I would use this, but it would benefit someone who uses computers everyday in a business, at work, or at home. Someone in IT or who runs a business.
IMB hitachi drive fitness test is a program to diagnose hard drives manufactured by Hitachi and IBM allowing recovery of broken sectors on the hard disk, delete the boot sector, and perform formatting
IBM Hitachi Drive Fitness Test is a hard drive test program that tests hardware specifically designed by the Hitachi company. This software tests for malware and bugs. It is pretty reliable but only really useful if you use Hitachi products.
The Hitachi Drive Fitness Test is a thorough drive testing tool compatible with SCSI and IDE type drives
I Own a pc repair shop, we use this to check our customer's harddisks whenever we get weird boot errors. Since it's self-booting, we can even run it on the main OS drive without having to tear the harddisk out and stick it in another machine. The included restoration tools are decent, they could be better but it worked for us more than enough times.
I needed a software that will test the drive on my desktop without overwriting or deleting my data. IBM Hitachi Drive Fitness Test for Windows gets the job done. It was so easy to run. This is only compatible with x86 processors which is what I have. If this is what your systems is, then this would be a great software for testing drives.
Calum Z.
IBM Hitachi Drive Fitness Test is a free software utility created by IBM and Hitachi to test the integrity and reliability of hard drives. It can detect and repair most common hard drive errors and optimize hard drive performance. It can also be used to diagnose and troubleshoot potential hardware and software problems. The software is compatible with Windows operating systems, including Windows 7, 8, and 10.
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