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A comprehensive collection of diverse, customizable stock icons with additional design resources available.

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Publisher: IconShock

Release : IconShock 2.0

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IconShock is a continually updated icon library, boasting nearly 1.2 million items. This collection expands every week by thousands of new icons, all carefully organized into about 302 sets, making the search for your specific project easier. Costs for these sets start at only $19, and the sizes of the icons range from 16 to 512 pixels. The full collection access is also available for only $199.

IconShock offers hundreds of different design styles and categories, ranging from minimalist designs to stunning, shiny 3D icons. In addition to the icons, you'll also find useful resources such as tutorials, articles, and updates on new releases and everything icon-related.

  • Wide variety of icons: with nearly 1.2 million icons, IconShock offers a plethora of options for all types of projects.
  • Adobe Illustrator source files: For those who wish to customize their icons, IconShock provides the original Adobe Illustrator source files, allowing you to tweak existing icons.
  • Preview and detailed information for each icon set: each icon set comes with a preview and detailed information, helping you make the right choice.
  • Additional resources: In addition to icons, IconShock also offers various resources, such as tutorials, articles, news, etc.

For those who aspire to create their own icons or customize existing ones, IconShock provides the original Adobe Illustrator source files, which allow you to alter existing icons. This option is ideal for those who need slightly more custom elements for their projects.

IconShock provides a vast, regularly updated library of customizable icons for diverse project needs.

Every icon set comes with a preview and detailed information. This way, you can easily get an idea of the final look of the icon and understand how it will fit into your project. Hence, with IconShock, you have everything you need to bring your digital ideas and projects to life.

Internet connection to access and download icons
Adobe Illustrator for modifying source files
Adequate storage for downloaded icon sets

Offers a wide variety of nearly 1.2 million icons.
Provides original Adobe Illustrator source files for customization.
Includes additional resources such as tutorials and articles.

Limited customization options without Adobe Illustrator.
No option for individual icon purchase.
Can be overwhelming due to vast choices.