Image Composite Editor

by Microsoft

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.42781

Microsoft Image Composite Editor is a very simple program for creating panoramic images. You need to have several images of the same area or object. The accuracy of the boundaries of the shots is important, but the program can smooth out the drawbacks of shooting. In addition to creating panoramic photos, this application can also create panoramic videos.

So, we need to drag the photos we need into the program window. To do this, you need to select all the images in Explorer beforehand. You can also use the File - New... menu. When you drag and drop files, Microsoft Image Composite Editor automatically starts to form a panorama. If the photos and videos contain absolutely different content, the program will generate an error message.

Now that our panorama has been formed, we can try to improve it. To do this, try different parameters of the Camera Motion property in the Stitch field below. After selecting the best option, all that remains is to cut off the irregularities at the edges. To do this, simply move the frame of a panoramic photo or video (see screenshots). The last step is to save the result.

Liam (unverified)
Microsoft Image Composite Editor is a basic software application that exports panoramic pictures. To properly capture the subject, you must acquire multiple images of the same scene/object. The app is intuitive and can normalize user error. It can also export panoramic videos.
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