InnerSoft STATS

by innersoft

This a computer software which is mainly used to compute statistics and estimation of a computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: innersoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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this InnerSoft Stats, comes with free of cost we no need to pay for the also the previous version is 0.9 which is with 1.6Mb to download and use and the latest version is 2.3 

This Software is mainly used for the following things to calculate the various statistics. This software easy to use, if you'refinding any difficulties there was an inbuilt help manual also attached. This is mainly used for mathematicians, statisticians, or other scientists that need to compute parameters.


The application software is mainly helpful to mathematicians, statisticians or other scientists that need to compute parameters and their Estimations
  • Clean Environment Design, which is more intractable with the Application
  • The main feature of these tools is to Support for various statistical methods
  • The main usage is for Project Managers, who maintain their employee's worksheet and their outputs
  • The file size is very lesser so it will be easily downloadable to easy to use
  • Everything in one tool makes the software easier to use
  • It will be very good to make more interactive design based feature
  • Adding different kind of graphs will make more interactive for the user to understand a set of data
  • if it given for all Operating system like Linux machine it will have a good reach to the peoples
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