by InstaPic

A popular third-party Instagram App with which you can capture, edit, share and view pictures on Instagram

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: InstaPic

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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InstaPic is a Free, Instagram enhancing App. for PC that adds many useful options to help you manage your account in a more intuitive way.


  • Private accounts can remove followers instead of blocking them
  • Turn off commenting on any of your posts
  • Unsend Direct message
  • Control Story and Comment Settings
  • Quick suggestions for your phone contacts, with access to an Instagram account
  • Find a user by browsing through the tagged photos
  • Browse through the most amazing publications
  • Users have a timeline to view his profile’s activity
  • An alternative way to comment on and rate your favorite posts
  • View and share posts on various social platforms
  • ‘Log-in’/ ‘Sign Up’ screen
  • The alternative way change the information of your Instagram profile

InstaPic is another great Instagram enhancing App, which is 100% FREE. It provides you with unique and powerful features on a desktop screen size. You can forget your phone and browse, edit, post, and communicate completely on this self-sufficient desktop version of Instagram, which is more elegant, and more intuitive than the original App by a mile.

InstaPic enhances many original Instagram features, making them more capable, intuitive, and elegant.

For a while, people had to use different workarounds to be able to post pictures to Instagram from the desktop. Still, InstaPic changed the game, and now if you are a professional photographer and store all your photos on PC, you can simply Log-in into InstaPic and start posting your work to Instagram from the same computer.

InstaPic remains one of the highest-rated Instagram Apps of all time. Both amateurs and professionals use it daily to share their pictures and stories with the global Instagram community.

InstaPic is constantly being updated to make sure it is compatible with the latest version you Windows, as well as bug fixes and new features, are being implemented frequently. It is completely free and has no additional purchase options, which are so annoying. 

  • 100% Free. 
  • Compatible with Windows PC.
Instapic is pretty cool; trying to spend less time using my phone I have recently installed it on my PC. Being able to access IG from my computer between productivity stints is pretty convenient. Pictures tend to load in full quality which is nice too. Login is super convenient and its just like using the app on my phone. Sliding into DMs is pretty easy too.
Instapic is a windows application tat gets the users of Instagram to post pictures on their computer and still be able to be on Instagram. Overall this is a great piece of software to use especially if someone is on their computer all the time versus being on their phone. This software is meant for people who only use PC and unfortunately it is not used on Macbook. This is a great way to multitask and still gain a large amount of followers by having a good way to edit photos on a desktop.
InstaPic is a specially designed application for Windows where one can share their pictures on the very popular social media site Instagram. You can directly upload the photos on Instagram from your computer. Normally one can post pictures on Instagram only through their mobile devices or tablet devices. This application can be downloaded for free. The application is very safe. One can upload the photos, edit the photos, and then post them. The application can be used for Windows 8 and 10. Overall, a fun free and safe application for all the Instagram fans who love to cling to their computers.
If you're looking for a great Instagram client for windows look no further! InstaPic is a fantastic application for viewing and editing photos on instagram. Anything you can do on the web you can do in this tool.
Download InstaPic for Windows 10 1.0. An unofficial client for Instagram that allows you to manage your Instagram account directly from your desktop.
InstaPic is a software that allows users to access Instagram with more apps. The software allows users to do more things on Instagram than they normally could for example private accounts could now remove followers rather than blocking them. InstaPic is very useful for users who want to use Instagram with more features. Instapic is available on windows as free software.
Great for touching up photos before uploading them to instagram. I like all the different editing options it gives you, plus it has support for facebook and twitter. Great design makes it super easy to use for people who aren't the most tech savy. I've been using instapic for a little while now and its totally my go to option now for uploading pics to instagram, would recommend
Angus E********u
InstaPic is a photo editor and sharing app that allows users to create and share high-quality photos with a range of editing features. InstaPic allows users to apply filters, add text, adjust brightness and contrast, and crop their photos. It also provides a variety of sharing options, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
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