by Hitek Software LLC

An automation and task scheduling software for your multitasking needs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hitek Software LLC

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.958

What Automize does is essentially allows you to have a computerized "virtual" assistant. The ability to delegate mundane, time-sensitive, and critical tasks (automated or scheduled), is perfect for a work from home individual to a small business owner. This software will help aid in a significant increase in your work productivity and efficiency.


  • Schedule tasks sequentially or conditionally.
  • Automate and schedule important downloads.
  • Monitor your favorite websites for changes.
  • Schedule emails to multiple receipients.
  • Monitor and schedule files for deletion.
  • Run Windows Command tasks.
  • Automate FTP file uploads to servers.
  • No programming knowledge is needed.

Automize's Java written multi-platform compatibility makes it extremely versatile.

Automize is available for macOS and Windows users. This is the perfect "set it and forget it" solution!

Automize 11.03 (34.57 MB)
Automize 8.37 (25.78 MB)
Logan (unverified)
Atomize is perfect for your multi task needs at work or at home. Automize is more like a virtual assistant that handles your computerize needs. Automize does a numer of things that is creative for the users. it has the ability to monitor files for deletion and assist with large downloads.
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