Interior Designer

by eDataset Software

A comprehensive project management and accounting tool specialized for interior design professionals.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: eDataset Software

Release : Interior Designer 1.5

Antivirus check: passed

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The "Interior Designer" software is an essential solution for project management and accounting specific to interior designers and any company related to design. It not only assists in keeping track of all projects but also manages requirements, sketches, and materials needed throughout the process. Moreover, this project management app comes equipped with a centralized database to store all information pertaining to each project.

This innovative software solution provides a package of key functionalities that streamline the efficient management of an interior design office. It can handle everything from initial conception to final billing, including project tracking and materials management.

  • Centralized Database: It allows for the storage of all information concerning each project, thereby ensuring an efficient and well-organized management.
  • Project Tracking: With monitoring and logistics functionalities, the software enables close tracking of the details of each project.
  • Financial Management: It includes payment details and financial management for each project, with quick calculations that aid in measuring various aspects of a project.
  • Integrated Print Design: The program is equipped with an inbuilt print designer that offers a variety of unique templates and options for creating a clean and clear print of schedules.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The software allows for the calculation and display of the "billed commission", thus assisting in making quick decisions.

The "Interior Designer" software also has functions to set different working ranges. It is possible to create reminders to alert workers about tasks they need to accomplish. The application has an auto search and auto-fill fields function for a client who has previously been entered in the database.

The Interior Designer software streamlines project management and accounting for a more efficient design process.

Data export is possible in various formats : iCal, XLS, PDF, TXT, HTML, ML, to facilitate adaptation to other programs. These positive features and qualities have helped increase the level and value of the interior design business. Moreover, it provides the backup and portability options necessary for managing any interior design project. In summary, the main task of this project management software is to keep track of all projects and documentation associated with each project.

1. Operating System: Windows 7 or higher.
2. Minimum 2 GB RAM for smooth performance.
3. Stable internet connection for Cloud-based services.
4. At least 1GB hard disk space for installation.

Streamlines management of design projects with centralized database.
Offers efficient project tracking and financial management.
Facilitates easy data export in various formats.

Steep learning curve for new users.
Limited customization options in templates.
Occasional lag in performance speed.
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