JavaScript QR Code Generator

by, Inc.

Generate QR codes directly on web pages using native JavaScript, with support for various formats and standards

Operating system: Windows

Publisher:, Inc.

Release : JavaScript QR Code Generator 19.11

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The JavaScript QR Code Generator is a software that integrates directly into a JavaScript environment or webpage to display static or dynamic data in the form of QR code images. This cutting-edge software, designed for efficiency and ease of use, effectively transforms the entered information into a machine-readable QR code format.

This QR code generator is unique in that it can create barcode images in a variety of formats, including SVG and HTML 5, using just a single native JavaScript file. Furthermore, it is capable of generating QR codes from dynamic data, adding greater flexibility and functionality to its use.

  • Supports standards and specifications based on the QR code format.
  • Can be used with JQuery and provides optional HTML element ID references.
  • Supports various image types such as SVG, HTML 5 Canvas, BMP, and Font Image.
  • Includes advanced support for ASCII, GS1, ISBT and HIBC functions with tilde options.
  • Has an easy encoding function for straightforward encoding methods such as returns and tabs within the QR code.

This JavaScript QR Code Generator is available in multiple versions and license types to cater to all usage scenarios. The QR code version complies with standards based on QR code symbology. Other versions support various types of barcodes for Intelligent Mail, USPS, UPC/EAN, DataBar, PDF417, Code 128, and Data Matrix. There are also versions that support all types of linear barcodes, as well as both linear and two-dimensional barcodes. Each version is available with license options for one or more developers, and distribution rights may vary depending on the chosen license.

The JavaScript QR Code Generator enables easy and efficient creation of dynamic and static barcode images.

In summary, the JavaScript QR Code Generator is a powerful and flexible tool, designed to cater to a variety of barcode needs. Its ability to create both dynamic and static barcodes, coupled with its compatibility with numerous image formats and barcode standards, makes it a valuable choice for any developer or business seeking an effective and affordable barcode generation solution.

Compatible with JavaScript environment or webpages.
Supports SVG, HTML 5 Canvas, BMP, Font Image outputs.
Ability to generate QR codes from dynamic data.
Supports encoding methods such as returns and tabs in QR codes.

Generates QR codes from dynamic data.
Compatible with various image types.
Supports several encoding methods.

Limited compatibility with older browsers.
Lacks robust error handling capabilities.
Requires programming knowledge for effective use.
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