by Ekot

Tool to crop and rotate multiple images

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ekot

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JPEGcrops for Windows is free software that allows users to crop and rotate multiples images without a loss in quality. The process is only 3 steps; open the images, specify the folder the images will go in and define the crop area. You can quickly flip between landscape and portrait mode and customize the preview image. The program is freeware and doesn't require any installations. The program only accepts the JPEG format, but it doesn't install anything on the computer's directory. You can rename files easily, the program can also add suffixes, without losing metadata. The program doesn't take long to run, nor does it take a lot of resources to run. The menus are designed to look like Windows, though the program hasn't been updated since 2007.

This is a great, simple program to use if someone is looking to crop lots of images without wanting to install a program to do it. It's simple to use with little to no learning curve required. The interface is similar to the old Windows layout, giving it a nostalgic feel along with easy to navigate menus and options. The program is also incredibly easy to "uninstall" when once you are done using it since you just need to run the program for it to work. There are also a few filters that the program has, that can be transposed easily onto images. There are also options to zoom and have that zoom saved, with no loss of quality. Every pixel is preserved as-is. The program can also run on newer systems with no issue, from XP to Windows 10. Though simple, the program JPEGcrops is an incredibly useful tool.


Crop and rotate multiple images at once without loss of quality
  • Crop and rotate multiple images at once
  • Preserve metadata
  • Three-step process
  • Free program, no installation required
  • Easy to use interface

Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP

I am running a press which i print lot of images work, I really have a useful of this software , because I can easily joint all those images in one short and print them, Recommended for using JPEG images people
JPEGCrops is a good software program used for cropping and editing pictures, specifically jpeg files, without losing any quality or the aspect ratio. The software is easy to use and understand, while also being available in multiple languages which makes it great since it can be so widely used. JPEGCrops is also being improved upon to help the software keep meeting requirements and extras that we as users need so we can just use this one service for everything. A good one stop shop system that's easy to use and has great features.
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