by Sysinternals

A helpful tool to create NTFS symbolic links for Windows 2000 or higher

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sysinternals

Release : Junction 1.0.7

Antivirus check: passed

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As a Windows user, you can create and manage symbolic links by using the Junction software. These links are a feature that enables the directory to serve as an alias to another directory on the same computer. Windows does not provide a built-in tool for creating junction points; you have to purchase it from the Win2K Resource Kit. Therefore, it is a reliable tool to fulfil your needs as a free software.

It is a comfortable tool that helps you generate symbolic links and verify whether the directories or files are reparse points. Now, you can easily get information about reparse points, create new junction points, or delete the existing ones if needed. Reparse points are the mechanisms on which symbolic links are based. To create these points or links, you need to set the junction directory and the junction target.


  • A free alternative to the Win2K Resource tool.
  • It helps to create or delete NTFS junction points, also known as symbolic links for Windows.
  • With the help of it, you can verify if the file or directory acts as a reparse point.
  • This software provides features that allow you to use the command-line interface to perform tasks about junction points.
  • No GUI is available for the application, making it a tool for advanced users.
  • You'll experience three separate commands for the command line or console windows of the tool.
  • For the recurse Subdirectories, the -s parameter is used.

Besides, there are different syntaxes to use the three functionalities of the tool. To get the information about the reparse point, use junction.exe [-s] [-q] <file or directory>. For the creation of an NTFS junction point, use junction.exe <junction directory> <junction target> as a command. Moreover, junction.exe -d <junction directory> is used to delete a junction point.

If you want to know whether a file is a junction, use junction c: test as a command in the Windows console. This software runs exclusively on Windows Vista, Server 2008, 2016, or higher. So, install this comfortable and free tool to create or edit symbolic links on your Windows.

Junction helps to create, manage, delete, modify, replace, or rename symbolic links or NTFS Junction Points on Windows 2000 or higher versions.
1. Operable on various OS; Windows, Linux, MacOS
2. Minimum 4 GB RAM for optimal performance
3. High-speed internet connection needed
4. 500 MB free disk space for software installation

Caters to real-time data-based decision-making needs.
Offers advanced customization options for user convenience.
Ensures maximum security for sensitive information.

Lack of offline functionality hinders usage in internet-free environments.
Advanced features may induce a steep learning curve for beginners.
No free version or trial can limit first-time user experience.
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