Kid Pix 3D

by The Software MacKiev Company

A software for children that allows them to create a story

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: The Software MacKiev Company

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.91114

The software is specially designed for children. The interface is easy to understand and colorful so children are intrigued and are able to easily understand it. In the past, Kid Pix was only available in 2D, but it is now available in 3D. There are 3D scenes available for children to set the scene of their stories. Children can also now narrate their own stories, adding a personal effect. With the narration, they can also record themselves using their computer's webcams. There is also a feature for children to add a costume frame onto themselves as they narrate. Children can also create flipbooks in Kid Pix which teaches them about stop motion filming. The path option allows children to control where their character moves and creates an animation for the character's movement in the story. To be able to use all of the features the computer the child is using will need a built-in or external video camera, a sound card, a microphone, and an internet connection. However, not all of these features are needed to enjoy the game. They are only needed if the child wants to use all of the features the software offers. 


  • Personal video narration
  • 3D effects and animations
  • Simple and colorful interface
  • Stop motion filming features

Kid PIX 3D is a great piece of software for children to use to explore their creativity and storytelling skills. It also is a simple introduction to the world of video editing. This could be the first look into something that could become a career for them in the future. Unlike a lot of other games and software for children, this is not something that numbs their brain. Children can learn and express themselves with this software in a way that other children's software is unable to. 

This version of Kid Pix is now available in 3D

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