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If you happen to forget your BIOS password, if your system is compromised by an unexpected voltage fluctuation, or you fall victim to an unpleasant virus - KILLCMOS will be able to restore your system to a functional state by pulling up default factory settings, without the hassle of entering BIOS setup during boot time.


  • Recovery post power flux, virus attack, settings error, or password loss.
  • Restores factory settings without killing CMOS.
  • Decrypts any previous CMOS password.
  • Small file size: only 7.13 KB.
  • Does not require manual settings override or set-up.
  • Easy to use: the mainboard will load up with default settings on the next reboot.

KILLCMOS is a handy tool if you ever lose control of your BIOS settings or password. Despite what the freeware name suggests, KILLCMOS does not kill, or reprogram your CMOS, but rather works as a desperate remedy to password loss. It will effectively alter checksums and values of the CMOS in order to "trick" the system into bypassing the password and restoring your mainboard to its default settings. In other words, it does not directly impact hardware - but simply reads and write values in order to reconfigure the mainboard's settings.

Instead of killing the CMOS, the software reboots the mainboard with default factory settings.

Regardless of how complicated a previously set password may be, KILLCMOS will be able to decrypt it and boot up the mainboard using default factory settings.

In addition to losing or forgetting a password - you may find yourself in a pickle after messing with BIOS setup during booting, or lose control due to a nasty virus or an unusual power flux - KILLCMOS is a one-stop last resort for rehabilitating your system to a functional state and bringing it back under your control.

KILLCMOS is older freeware, developed back in 1996, and although it has been updated over the years - the best results will be achieved on older, flashable, motherboards, as it may fail on newer machines. In addition, KILLCMOS will not function if the BIOS is entirely corrupt.

sam dow
Instead of killing the CMOS, the software reboots the mainboard with default factory settings.
KILLCMOS program will reset your CMOS settings to factory default settings. It is as simple as that and can be used for new users or advanced users.
If you've messed around with your BIOS settings and have no clue how to get things back to where you started, this is the perfect tool for you. Works with all types of CMOS RAM (where the BIOS is) and basically resets it and uses the factory defaults. This requires booting from a CD or floppy disk so make sure your system can do that. If it does, this is a great tool to use. Very easy.
I have been looking into this program for some time now. I have been doing loads and loads of research for similar programs. I have discovered that this program is a little confusing to download at first, but you must read the instructions, and then the installation process will be a breeze. This is a great program. The key feature is, this program has a solution for passwords that have been forgotten. This has been a huge life saver for me since I am always forgetting my passwords. It does have hacker prevention as well.
KILLCMOS is a software that helps users reset. The software is useful for users who want to reset their accounts or motherboards. This would be useful for users who feel they have customized their computers too much and would like to have them reset to almost factory-like standard. The software is available on windows and does not take up much space on a computer.
KILLCMOS is one of the best application software which is used to resetting the password of BIOS in a computer. This application software is used to restore particular system and BIOS settings at any time and anywhere. This application is a simple software tool that properly manages software and hardware issues of the BIOS system. This application tool is compatible with all Windows operating systems. It is suitable for both 32 and 64-bit processors also.
KILLCMOS is a good software to get just in case since it is not only functional but is only 7.13 KB. Things can happen where a laptop can get infected with a virus and KILLCMOS helps to restore the CMOS back into its default setting, which can be quite useful. Another great feature about KILLCMOS is that it is able to decrypt passwords that you forget and help you reboot, allowing you to gain access to your laptop again.
I needed to reset my motherboard and thats when I installed killcmos and it was very easy to download and install on my computer. It took some time but I managed to reset my whole motherboard and account to the factory settings just as I wanted. Fantastic. I highly recommend if you ned to do the same thing. You wont be disappointed.
KILLCMOS basically used for BIOS system operation. It helps to reset password and booting also. It is protect our system from virus attack and many more. Good to use and very user friendly. I recommend to all for use this software. I t works in windows 11 as well.
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