LEAD H.264 Video Codec

by LEAD Technologies, Inc

Direct show filter for windows processors

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: LEAD Technologies, Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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H.264 is the latest and most advanced video standard, which was developed together with ITU and MPEG. H.264/AVC provides a much more efficient video compression algorithm than any other available format. This format often exceeds the compression ratio of all existing standards by three to four times (especially MPEG-2).

- The H.264 standard and professional encoders include LEAD AAC Encoder and ISO Multiplexer;

- H.264 decoder includes LEAD AAC Decoder and ISO De-multiplexer;

- User-defined settings allow you to control the balance between quality and speed of the encoder;

- This application provides accurate coding of any combination of past and future frames. It also improves the reliability of playback when streaming over the network or the Internet, even when packets are lost;

- only the difference between vectors' movements is preserved, which results in increased compression ratio;

- The forecasting function can be performed on blocks with a ratio of 4x4 or 16x16;

- the motion forecasting vector is executed before the appearance of the frame, which was prepared for compression (pre-DCT), it allows you to better predict and compress the data;

- The calculation is more efficient because the encoder implements the traditional discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) as well as the complete conversion;

- To increase the degree of compression, the encoder allows you to use the SAD HADAMARD calculation method;

- context-sensitive deblocking filter smoothes the internal edges, significantly improving the visual quality of the video. Filter performance depends on the complexity of forecasting modes and the number of relationships between adjacent blocks;

- This codec uses Context-Adaptive Variable Length Coding (CAVLC) to encode the conversion of coefficients;

- Context-Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding (CABAC) is also supported by continuous updating of incoming data statistics and adaptive algorithm settings, resulting in improved compression performance;

- The encoder allows the user to control the number and types of frames that are encoded in the video stream.

LEAD H.264
LEAD H.264 software is necessary for anyone who uses video software because it is the go to software for videos currently use. It is the golden standard that is used. The software does not take up much space and does what it is intended to do.
LEAD H.264: Is a DirectShow filter used for compress and decompress video file data by using AVC standards or by H264 standards. It uses a specific algorithm for video compressing that video has the best quality and these types of can be stored as ISO files or OGG files or AVI files. It contains two ways for media files, the first of it is encoder Station and the second one is the media server. These ways can help other tasks like recompress and create profiles matching the source file.
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