by Crystal Rich Ltd

Delete files, even when Windows wont allow you to

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Crystal Rich Ltd

Release: LockHunter 3.2.3

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.91138

Lockhunter allows you to delete files that may be blocked from deletion by the operating system. This is particularly useful when it comes to trojan viruses that like to mimic the DLL file. Due to kernel programming windows cannot natively delete a file that is a DLL extension, doing so could cause catastrophic consequences with windows. possibly even leading to a full reinstall of the operating system and losing all of your previous data. and even better, the software is now has a stable version so that it's no longer in beta.

Viruses are a constant issue within the Windows community. Finally, you are able to help combat that with lockhunter. It comes loaded with new features that enhance its ability to perform and a nice user interface that makes it easy for everyone to operate. With the release of 3.2 a lot of bug fixes were implemented and also added an auto-update feature to the program just to name a few. here are a few other features you would be interested in knowing about.


It doesnt force close files, it waits until the next windows restart

  • Deletes files on the next operating system restart.
  • Uniformed installer for 32/64 bit operating systems. 
  • Displays more information about the process.
  • Copy more information to the clipboard.

While the software has been around for quite a few years, it's still worth keeping it on your computer for the rare, and not so rare, incidents when you are unable to delete a file or folder due to explorer limitations. When dealing with windows sometimes you have to remember that it's only as good as the operator. Fortunately, this software will help track down and delete processes that are causing you issues. Now it might be quite a long time before we see any more updates to this software, but if something works right the first time, is there really a need to update it faster?

Elle Jay (unverified)
This looks like an awesome program. It can help you delete files that your computer will not allow you to delete- which can be really annoying! This is especially useful when getting rid of viruses or other nefarious programs that mimic the OS so that the computer does not want to delete them. Great idea!
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