Use Android while on Windows computer.

Operating system: Windows

Release: Windroy 4.0.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Windroy is an application that allows you to run your Android products from the comfort of your Windows laptop or computer. It is similar to other products on the market however it is a free alternative while also running stable. 


  • Run Android programs on a Windows computer.
  • It is useful for learning how to use Android products.
  • It uses Android 4.0.4
  • Promising future. 

Windroy is a powerful application to allow a user to access his or her Android products from the comfort of their Windows laptop or computer. Windroy is not 100% free of bugs, however, it does offer an exceptional experience to users. Furthermore, Windroy is being updated and worked on constantly in hopes of providing users with a free powerful program. The major drawbacks include not being able to run audio. This is frustrating if one is trying to watch Instagram or Snapchat, however, with youtube or other music streaming apps these can be installed directly to a windows computer which eases a little bit of tension. Also, apps have to be installed manually which can frustrate some that have tons of apps on their smartphones and feel frustrated to have to re-download products again. 


Requires Windows Vista or newer.

Windroy for Windows is an application that simulates Android on a Desktop computer. Windroy is a great simulator tool for someone who is a gamer and wants to use all aspects of the Android system. This application supports screen resolution, mouse and keyboard, network devices, Flash, and Media Player. It is a safe application to use for your Desktop if you want to simulate the Android system on it. It is a project application to get Android running on Windows and is a very new technology but promising. WindowsAndroid, as it is referred to, has many ripples to work out yet like no audio and browser stability but the techs are excited about the progress.
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