Macrium Reflect Free

by Paramount Software

Hard Disk Drive Imaging Software for backup and restoration in event of system loss

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Paramount Software

Release: Macrium Reflect Free 7.2.4148.0

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.41135

Macrium Reflect is able to create a clone of your hard disk drive (or of a partition of your hard drive disk).  This image can be used to restore your computer in whole, or even simply to recover individual lost files.  The backup can be placed on a USB drive, a network, or a local location, and is able to be scheduled to accurately fit your workflow.


  • Template Backups (Grandfather/Father/Son; Differential; Incremental)
  • Backup is browsable in Windows Explorer
  • The Macrium Rescue Environment/Builder allows you to fully restore your computer in the event of a system failure using a DVD/CD or USB drive
  • Able to construct a live image of Windows OS

Macrium Reflect Free for Windows is now licensed for use in business environments in addition to your home.  For the peace of mind of your employees, customers, and your family, Macrium Reflect Free is a worthy investment of your time.  Macriumsoftware:  Your image is everything.

This imaging software is able to easily create restore media for whole or partial loss scenarios.

Macrium Reflect Free (v7) requires:

  • 512MB (minimum)/1GB recommended
  • Windows XP (SP 3 OR Windows Server 2003, SP 2 or later)
  • Mouse/Keyboard
Jane Adams (unverified)
Macrium Reflect is an excellent title that delivers on its premise while also requiring a minimum of system resources. I'm partial to the additional features, such as the browsable back-ups and templates. The fact that it's free is also amazing, considering the quality and value it gives you.
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