Magic DVD Ripper

by Magic DVD Software

Converts DVD files into various other files, such as mp3/4, and AVI

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Magic DVD Software

Release: Magic DVD Ripper 9.0.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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There are tons of other programs on the internet that claim to be able to convert your DVDs into different file formats on your computer for free. However, most of those programs are likely just to be scams, and if they are somewhat legit, they tens to compress your DVD files so badly, the quality is absolutely horrendous. Then you end up questioning whether going through the lengthy process of converting is even worth it. Thankfully, Magic DVD Ripper is the answer to all those kinds of problems. It's fast, it keeps your DVD quality looking sharp, and it's completely legal! No scamming involved anywhere near this program. Not to mention, there is a multitude of different options to choose from when you are looking to convert your DVD. It allows you to back up all of your DVD's to your computer for safekeeping, which can help ease the worry of scratching the DVDs in the future. It's very user friendly, so virtually anybody can use it.


  • Convert DVD to MP3
  • Convert DVD to MP4
  • Convert DVD to AVI
  • Copy DVD to your computer.

To conclude, this program is an excellent choice if you have tons of DVD's you want to maybe get rid of to save space, but still, want to keep with you somehow. The program offers so many ways for you to be able to keep your DVD safe and backed up on multiple devices, and for a great price, if you choose to purchase an option. The best part is that it is entirely legal, as you have already purchased the film, and you are simply backing up. It's guilt-free and convenient, and there is not much else you can ask for!

You can convert DVD's you have legally purchased on watch them on the go on your mobile devices.
Claire Porter
If you are looking for a program that can turn your DVD's into files on your computer well look no further folks here it is! Magic DVD ripper is the answer to all your needs for doing just that. Its completely free, user friendly and entirely legal. Convert your DVD to MP3, MP4, AVI or directly to your computers hard drive.Simple for you to use and access on multiple devices.
The speed of Magic DVD Ripper is amazing. It allows me to keep ripping the DVD's not stop. I used to have another ripper that totally ruined the quality of shape of my DVD's, but with this new ripper I am happy because I know that I can safely rip my DvD's with no file damage whatsoever.
The principle explanation behind which I was scanning for a decent DVD ripper programming is that my new PC doesn't have a committed DVD drive and since I would prefer not to lose all my old film DVD's, I need to change over them into an ordinary video and store it in my new PC. I can utilize my old PC which has a DVD drive to change over the DVDs to a typical video document. So when I was looking for acceptable DVD ripper programming, I just ran over this Magic DVD ripper which separated from changing over the DVD record can likewise help with taking reinforcement of the DVD recordings. Despite the fact that I had the option to discover blended audits for the product, their notoriety in the business for over 11 years has made me attempt the product. Yet, it is my standard practice to utilize the preliminary adaptation of the product before purchasing the full form. So I made this audit in the wake of evaluating the preliminary adaptation of Magic DVD ripper.
Owen Gaytan
Magic DVD Ripper for Windows is software that allows you to easily and efficiently RIP DVD information from your DVD player to your computer so that you may store it, burn it again, and/or watch it later. Magic DVD Ripper restores the role of magic in your life with a beautifully patterned window that is aesthetically pleasing to look at as you rip your DVDs
The Magic DVD Ripper for Windows will help you copy and convert any DVD file that you have into another format. Some of those formats include AVI, iPod, and MP3. If your DVD file is too large, this program can also compress it for you. I have always found the compressed files to be high-quality. Finally, it will back up your file data for you.
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