Magic Scroll

by Magic Toolbox

This is a customizable JavaScript scroller for showcasing images and other content on websites

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Magic Toolbox

Release : Magic Scroll 1.0.29

Antivirus check: passed

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Designed for scrolling numerous images within a carefully confined space, Magic Scroll is a universal software solution for your website...

Whether for creating a slideshow on your homepage, promoting your latest products, scrolling the latest news titles, meticulously organizing different product views, or sliding HTML content to hide/show different texts or images, the possibilities are endless!

Not only are JavaScript scrolls useful, but they can also significantly enhance the aesthetic of your site. Magic Scroll can be utilized without compromising your site's appearance and design. The style is fully customizable through CSS and 16 JavaScript parameters.

Magic Scroll enhances your website's aesthetic by allowing you to seamlessly scroll text, images, and other content.
  • Creation of homepage slideshow
  • Promotion of latest products
  • Meticulous organization of different product views
  • Sliding of HTML content to hide/show different texts or images

Running out of time? No problem, simply use the Magic Scroll wizard. Choose your design options from the form, click 'Apply' and voila, the HTML code you need is automatically generated for you.

The power of Magic Scroll is that it allows you to scroll more than just images. Use it to scroll text, SWF animations, movies, embedded YouTube links, or any other HTML content. Popular uses include "people who bought this also bought"; news headlines; new products; related products; special offers. The list goes on.

And yes, it even works on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices (as well as every major browser), so everyone, everywhere can enjoy your images as you intended.

With our 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Download the free trial now and see how Magic Scroll makes your website stand out.

The installation only takes a few minutes. If you need help, our expert technical support team is on standby via email, 5 days a week.

Another fantastic tool from the design team at Magic Toolbox.

Compatible with major browsers and mobile devices
Ability to scroll images, text, SWF and embedded YouTube links
CSS customization and 16 JavaScript parameters flexibility
Fast installation with a step-by-step wizard

Easy to use with automatic HTML code generation.
Provides meticulous organization of products.
Fully customizable style with CSS and JavaScript parameters.

Limited to JavaScript parameters and CSS customization.
Does not provide real-time support, only 5 days a week.
Potential compatibility issues with lesser-known browsers.
A comprehensive JavaScript library for rapid development of mobile and desktop web applications.