Mail Merge with Attachments

by Relief, LLC

Enables bulk sending of personalized emails with attachments using data from CSV files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Relief, LLC

Release : Mail Merge with Attachments 4.11

Antivirus check: passed

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'Mail Merge with Attachments' software is an essential tool for sending out personalized emails, based on data extracted from CSV tables and various other data sources. It allows for the merging of mail, generating customized emails from a template, a contact database, and specific attached files. Much like an email template, you can use standard Outlook email formats: OFT or MSG. These templates can be directly created through Outlook, appearing just as recipients would see them.

The data source for mail dispatch is a standard CSV spreadsheet file. You can generate this table in Microsoft Excel or any other program that manages tabulated data and contact databases. The location for the attachments is specified in the table or in the program's settings. Additionally, the software allows the use of model attachments. Thus, you can send out different or identical files to many recipients and combine both instances.

  • Use of fields from a data table anywhere in a message, including in recipient addresses (including CC and BCC), the subject, and the text of the message.
  • Ability to select an Outlook account and sender's address, schedule sending time, limit the choice of rows from the data source, associate template data, and table data.
  • Functionality to create outgoing messages in a specified Outlook folder without sending them, thereby allowing for a thorough check before dispatching.
  • Option to forward messages for immediate sending after verification.
  • Potential to run 'Mail Merge' again, dispatching messages instantly.

Unlike Microsoft Word's standard mail merge tools, our utility offers far more features. It is faster and easier to use. It's a safe and reliable way of handling mass mail distribution. Once you've set up the tool, you can readily generate outgoing messages in a specific Outlook folder, without sending them. This way, you can view emails exactly as they will be delivered to your recipients, ensuring everything is in order. Furthermore, the software includes a "Redirect Messages" option which allows you to immediately send emails following their verification.

The 'Mail Merge with Attachments' software allows efficient, personalized and reliable mass communication for businesses.

This utility is crucial for any business aiming to maximize the efficiency of its mass communication, offering the personalization, convenience, and reliability many other mail merge tools lack.

OS: Windows 7 or later
Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later
RAM: Minimum 1GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 50MB

Allows sending customized emails with specific attachments.
Enables verification of emails before dispatching.
Supports various data sources for mail merging.

Limited promotional or trial version availability.
The user interface might seem complex for beginners.
No multi-language support available.
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