InnerSoft CAD for AutoCAD 2013

by innersoft

A single-platform plugin to assist with construction budgets

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: innersoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Innersoft CAD is a cutting edge plugin that allows the user to use multiple tools to help get a better set of eyes or results from their data. Furthermore, being compatible with excel allows the user to have even more freedom with selecting their data sets. With Excel being the leading platform for sending data, never have incompatibility issues with your suppliers and contractors again. This program has both import and export features as well.

Using these tools such as the longitude triangulator will give the user a more comprehensive view of the data. Allowing them to make better inferences and decisions in their line of work. On top of the measurements, the plugin has the ability to help measure project budgets. So there is no more guesswork and you are much better able to estimate the total cost of the project that you are overtaking. It's good to remember though that unexpected thing always come up this plugin better allow you to plan for those events.

With the ability to plan the budget and take precise measurements. This plugin truly gives you an all-encompassing look at your project that you are looking for. Stop letting surprises derail your projects and have this plugin find them before it's too late. Or at the very least allow you the room to budget a proper contingency plan that will be in line with the expectations of the project funders. 

Best of all you are able to save your work into libraries which will allow you to better organize the work you have done. Moreover, this feature allows you to categorize your work and really take the organization of your portfolio/projects into your own hands. This program truly is the best for allowing you to be the master of your project.

Supplies multiple tools to enhance to help organize and decipher data

  • Excel - Compatible
  • Measurments - Longitude/Latitude
  • Budget Planning
  • Graphing
  • Library

File Size - 8.94 MB

Platform: Windows

Operating System - Windows 10

I love using InnerSoft CAD for AutoCAD 2013 for Windows because this program gives me access to a large number of tools so I can better interpret trends and patterns in my data sets. I also appreciate that this program is fully compatible with Microsoft Excel, since this means that I have a lot of flexibility to choose how my data sets get fed into the program.
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