by Metabase Inc

UX analytics software with built-in tools to make dashboarding easy

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Metabase Inc

Release : Metabase 0.48.8

Antivirus check: passed

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Simple, fast, yet powerful analytics software choice that does stand out as a great option for anyone in need. Metabase focuses primarily on delivering quality self-service analytics with many handy features, as well as customizable options (which are also diverse). This program provides a source for visual query builders, complex modeling, and, of course, an interactive data dashboard and so much more.

Metabase also makes for a great business and consultant choice, as well as providing utility to the workforce for faster, and easier self-service. The software also includes lots of helpful libraries that help with general organizing and more. Collect and compile all the needed information your way, with the help of diverse configuration tools and different profiles to match your analysis style.


Metabase is a great dashboard and analytics creation software, with friendly interface yet powerful capabilities
  • Lots of utility for the IT sector and general net labor 
  • Ready collections of data sources waiting to be merged or added to the existing information, all transferred to large DB data warehouses
  • The plans also vary - to each their own. The open-source low tier allows for simple, yet for most folk enough, analyzing software, and up to complex Enterprise, suitable for the most complex of tasks
  • Caching information to keep you on track with the data stream, no more unnecessary scheduling and busy work
  • Permissions feature to organize the workspace for greater efficiency and serenity of your project
  • Plethora of sandboxing tools to allow for varied use of the app, and better customization on multi-tenant level
  • Security and privacy of the collected data, protected by the cutting-edge safety measures built-in into the software
  • Probably the greatest strength of the Metabase - easy self-service, allowing for better optimization on the inside, in turn turning collecting the needed information into a much faster process, freeing time for dealing with the results

Also remains to mention how many (of all sorts of) companies trust Metabase, all satisfied with its performance and all keen on continuing its use. All of this ultimately makes Metabase one of the best choices out there for anyone seeking powerful data insight software, with so many advantages to count. 

Operating System: Windows, MacOS, Linux
Compatible with various databases: Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB
Ability to integrate with other data tools

User-friendly and intuitive interface simplifies data visualization.
Easy setup and use across different systems.
Incorporates robust security features including user roles and permissions.

Limited customization options for data visualization.
Lacks advanced analytic features.
Slow performance with larger datasets.
A handy database management tool to create and manage different types of databases.
A data analysis and reporting software suitable for all sizes of businesses to do SSRS and Power BI reporting