by Vive Corp.

A handy database management tool to create and manage different types of databases.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vive Corp.

Release : SQLPro 2.1

Antivirus check: passed

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If you’re struggling to create, read, update, or retrieve information in a database, SQLPro is an effective tool for you. It serves as a managing interface to solve all of your database needs on a single platform. Whether you need to write something, design a table, insert rows, delete a column, or plan your administrative tasks, this software offers everything in an intuitive display. 


The best thing is it supports multiple database servers, including MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server (2005 and above), SnowflakeDB, and Oracle (8i and above). Hence, whatever database you’re using on the computer, this application will outperform in each. Moreover, the cloud support feature allows you to work with Amazon or Azure relational database service. 

SQLPro supports multiple database servers and can execute more than one query at a time, so you can streamline the workflow and get instant results.



  • It is a powerful database management software that allows you to create, edit, and retrieve information instantly. 
  • You can also use standard SQL commands such as Update", "Delete", "Create", and "Drop". 
  • To see results in multiple tables, you can execute multiple queries and get instant results within a few minutes. 
  • It offers an intuitive interface to streamline workflow and increase productivity. 
  • SQLPro offers additional security with its master password support. This way, all of your information will remain safe and protected. 
  • You can easily update or design tables or perform typical database administration tasks. 


Besides creating and designing tables, SQLPro also allows you to carry out uniform data administration procedures. It provides a centralized view of data so you can organize everything in a controlled manner. The auto-complete and syntax highlighting feature helps in better entry of information into the database system. 


SQLPro is compatible with multiple devices, so you can access it on any operating system. From Windows and iOS to macOS, it runs on each system conveniently. All you need to do is install it on your computer, and the rest of the task is done with this powerful database management tool. The smooth display and user-friendly interface provide you with a cool database experience without any hassle. 


Operating System: Windows, macOS or Linux
Access to SQL databases including MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
Administrator privileges for database management

Provides cross-platform functionality for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Supports multiple SQL databases like MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL.
Features an intuitive interface with advanced SQL query editor.

Limited customer support options
No built-in version control system
Some features difficult to locate
A data analysis and reporting software suitable for all sizes of businesses to do SSRS and Power BI reporting