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MoneyWiz is a program that is a financial accounting tool. It will be useful for people who are used to watching their income and expenditures, and to "keep up" with the budget allocated for a certain time. To start working with the program you should create accounts. Each account should be assigned a title ("debit card", "wallet", "cash saving", etc.), indicate the category and amount of funds in the desired currency. All changes in the account balance should be fixed "manually", and the rest of the balance will be automatically calculated by the program. At any time you will be able to see detailed statistics on expenses and income. It is also possible to create categories of transactions, such as "rental housing", "products", "leisure" to clearly see which item of expenditure most "eats" the budget. The same features are also available for incoming transactions. If you don't want to spend time adding categories, you can use the ones offered by the developers.

MoneyWiz also has a transaction scheduler. It allows you to enter information about an upcoming operation in advance so that you don't forget to add it in the future. Templates can be created for frequent expenditures and receipts, so that they can be entered into the journal more quickly by only changing the amount. The program also offers a variety of options for filtering log entries and a convenient search string.

In the paid version of MoneyWiz there is a function of automatic tracking of transactions on the bank account and account in the PayPal payment system. The free version has several limitations that are unlikely to be critical for most users.

- allows you to keep a magazine with income and expenses;

- allows you to add and work with several accounts at once;

- displays detailed statistics on invoices for the selected period;

- includes an operations scheduler;

- paid version of MoneyWiz can automatically take into account the operations on the bank account and the account in the payment system PayPal;

- offers many filtering options for the transaction log.

This personal finance app for Windows PC organizes all your accounts, budgets and bills in one place
moneywiz is a special self finance is specially made for pro users but also it is easy for beginers to requires just a signing up which takes just 10 secs.
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