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Multi-platform project management software suite for businesses and their clients

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Moxo is a streamlined project management software for businesses to organize different projects and share project information within the business as well as with clients. Moxo has multiple ways of engaging with clients, from secure messaging, digital signatures, document sharing and collaboration to video calls, meetings and screen sharing. It can facilitate real-time assistance and support for clients and manage client accounts while providing analytics for project and staff performance. It is an all-in-one suite of software that streamlines managing projects and clients alike.

Moxo is built around communication; all messages, text, voice and video are kept secure with rigorous security within the messaging center in the app. Create to-do lists, binders and scheduling in the app, and monitor progress on projects with a streamlined task management system. Moxo allows you to share files and create visual, vocal and video annotations on them to emphasize on details of the project. The app lets you securely share documents, contracts and other paperwork that can be signed digitally and sent back directly through the app. It can also manage transactions between the business, and it's clients, securely within the app itself under the highest level of security. Screenshare while working on a project to co-workers and clients alike, creating a synchronized experience that facilitates faster workflow and collaboration. Moxo has virtual data rooms where files can be categorized and organized securely while maintaining records of everything shared. Then there are video meetings that can be hosted in real time within the app itself, along with features like visual annotations, screen sharing and being able to record and save all videos for future review and reference. Moxo also utilizes webhooks that can connect applications and business systems, making for a seamless workflow to easily manage clients.

Moxo boasts its OneStop experience, making managing projects and clients much easier by having so much functionality in one app.


It improves the workflow of the business/client relationship and provides a suite of software tools to do so.
  • Secure Messaging
  • Document Sharing
  • Video Meetings
  • Screen Sharing
  • Performance Tracking
provide a connected experience within an all-in-one suite of collaborative services. with Moxo, you can deliver a secure, branded app in every customer's pocket.
Christopher Amormino
Moxo is an all-in-one cloud-based software platform that provides businesses with a powerful suite of tools for managing their customer relationships, operations, and marketing. With Moxo, businesses can create customer profiles, manage customer communication, automate and track customer service, and create and manage marketing campaigns. Additionally, Moxo provides businesses with insights into customer behavior, trends, and performance.
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