by The MPlayer Project

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: The MPlayer Project

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MPlayer is a Windows version of a console media player familiar to Linux users that "understands" almost all common audio and video formats.

Among its main advantages, it is worth mentioning:

High speed: a file several gigabytes in size opens in less than a second;

Using your own built-in codecs: if no codecs are installed in the system, the video will still be played back;

Cross-platform and multi-architecture support: the player will work on almost all POSIX-compatible systems (Linux, Unix, OSX, BSD and others), as well as on Intel/AMD, PowerPC, ARM and even Sony Playstation computers.

Another important feature of the MPlayer, which is worth telling about, is that it is fully implemented in the console version, and if in *nix systems you can still attach to it a graphical interface (and on the official website there is a large collection of design themes), then in Windows it is just an executable file, which is controlled via the command line or hot keys in playback mode.

Despite the fact that MPlayer will be of primary interest to developers looking for a fast and powerful multimedia engine with a wide range of settings (in the configuration file you can specify many different parameters, the description of which is highlighted in several chapters in the documentation), it will be suitable for ordinary users who need a simple and easy to use player that can provide excellent quality video and audio playback.

- free and open source distribution under the GPLv2 license;

- use of own codecs, as well as support for a very large number of video formats, including DVDs with built-in menus and navigation tags;

- Excellent audio and video quality with minimal strain on your computer's resources;

- Possibility to use PureVideo HD technology for hardware decoding of video by nVidia graphics adapters;

- Ability to play streaming video from the Internet, LAN or video streaming devices;

- detailed documentation.

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