MSI Afterburner

by MSI Co. LTD

This product serves as a handy graphics card

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MSI Co. LTD

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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MSI Afterburner is the most famous utility for overclocking video cards. The most common way for experienced users to change the core and memory frequencies is to increase or decrease the performance of their GPUs. The second case may be relevant for weaker laptops.

The program consists of several components: the main utility to change the important parameters of the graphics card, tools and plug-in for synthetic testing. Auxiliary functions include: monitoring of the current state of the video card, recording of video from the screen and capture of screenshots. To run the test module, you will need to install MSI Kombustor separately.

On the graphics card control screen itself you can see 6 characteristics: core frequency, video memory frequency, cooler speed, temperature limit, core voltage and power limit. For some users, most of these settings can be simply blocked. It's related to the type of graphics card Many manufacturers simply do not want customers to disperse themselves. There is also a menu of advanced settings at the bottom of the interface. If you need to manually adjust the cooler speed, you need to use the appropriate tab from this menu.

The MSI Afterburner installer contains one more utility - RivaTuner Statistics Server. After it is installed, you can watch various parameters of our video card, including FPS, directly in the game or in the test full-screen application.

If desired, you can change the program shell via the settings menu (the "Interface" tab). You can also save overclocking settings for different slots to load when Windows starts.

- A complete set of tools for overclocking the graphics card is presented;

- allows you to monitor the status and most important parameters of the video card through the OED (monitoring) option;

- you can change the cooler's speed of rotation on your own;

- full support of all the utility's functions for 64-bit systems;

- A convenient way to display all the important features of your graphics card right in the game or in any full-screen application.

After using the MSI Afterburner for Windows all I can say is amazing! This is by fart the best graphics card I have used in a very long time! It is the best software program on the market right now. My gameplay online is so much more widespread and the graphics almost look real. I am definitely considering sticking with this brand as I am totally blown away by its graphics! 2 thumbs up and 5 stars!!
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