by DarkBlackChocolate

A specialized app for devout Muslims

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DarkBlackChocolate

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Regardless of their location, a specialized app for devout Muslims who want to know the exact time for the morning and evening prayers

New capabilities:

  • Qibla been added to the settings page (middle of the footer).
  • Additional custom times (you can input the times of your local mosque).
  • Jumuah time was added (friday prayer). On Fridays, it will automatically take the place of Dhuhr.
  • Russia, the Gulf area, and France (12, 15, and 18) have additional calculation methods.
  • On the main page, a slight blur effect was added.

Fixing bugs

  • Fixed words for "Sunrise" in Spanish and French.
  • Turkish translations were fixed.
Muezzin help me to keep on track with my prayers, but I was very surprize in how good this abb is , the design and informations, I ujse everyday for my pray time.
Lewis Brahler
Muezzin is a software application designed to help Muslims fulfill their religious duties by providing an automated call to prayer, or Adhan, at the appropriate times of day. It can be used in mosques and other public places to remind the community of their daily prayers and other religious obligations. The software also includes additional features such as a full-featured calendar and a comprehensive set of hadiths (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad).
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