by Network Software Solutions

Client server/chat program on windows processor

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Network Software Solutions

Release : MyChat 8.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Do you need a chat room for your local network? Or a corporate IM solution for your organization? Do you have a network with a complex topology and a large number of clients, which does not allow you to use serverless solutions? Then MyChat is your choice!

MyChat is a client-server chat that works equally well on the local network and over the Internet. Besides the main function - receiving and transmitting text messages - the program has a huge number of useful features. These are an unlimited number of common/secret channels (rooms), private, strict authorization of chat clients on the server database, built-in FTP server, animated sets of graphical emoticons, avatars, bulletin board, contact panel, support for HTML markup language in messages, advanced logging tools, the mechanism of chat operators (banners, kicks, blocking by IP/MAC addresses), various filters, deferred messages, skins, a powerful server part with a graphical interface + detailed help. For all its capabilities, MyChat is not required to system resources. No initial setup required! We've installed it, and we're working!

The average cost of one client place is only about $2, and with the increase in the number of connections the price decreases.

- authorization of users on the server with saving all information in the database. The user can "migrate" over the network - his information will not be lost;

- built-in FTP server. Each registered user automatically receives an account on the internal file server;

- Automatic flood control on the server (blocking too frequent message sending and emoticons abuse);

- multilingual interface (Russian, Ukrainian, English);

- Automatic client updates directly from the MyChat server. You don't have to bypass the entire network when a new version is released - clients will be updated automatically, without your participation;

- a trainable math filter and foul language on the server;

- transfer of files of unlimited size between chat clients;

- support of all kinds of blocking by IP addresses and MAC addresses of network cards;

- the banana mechanism to maintain order in the chat room;

- The server can be managed remotely using console commands directly from the MyChat client;

- Detailed information about the user - very convenient in a large corporate network;

- logging of conversations in the database - no one but you will be able to read confidential information;

- Pending messages: even if the user is not connected to the server, it is still possible to send messages that he or she will receive immediately after connection;

- Animated smileys (several sets that can be expanded indefinitely) + a huge set of avatars;

- skin support;

- groups of users on the server with detailed differentiation of access rights to chat services;

- Possibility to start the server both as a GUI application and as a system service;

- a bulletin board;

- If there is one computer and several users, there is an account manager;

- Channel operator mechanism - to maintain order in large networks;

- automatic creation of channels right after the start of the server and automatic invitation of users there;

- Contact panel on the client - for quick access to send private messages;

- console commands support - for fast client and server management;

- soundtrack of various events in the chat room;

- The ability to remotely manage client settings from a MyChat server;

- The ability to automatically deploy MyChat clients to large networks makes it very easy for administrators to work with them.

image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Ollie
A communications platform for client/server chats and secure file exchange that is ideal in an office set up
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Ethan
This is a local network chat and messenger - if people hadn't hear of their popularity before. Really good at not only exchanging conversation within colleagues but also sending important files needed for meetings and also social events. I have been using this for a number of years now and it is my go to software, and my company and friends can also agree.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Ben J.
The most important feature of this software is the ability to securely communicate with others.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Luke Sherron
MyChat is a messaging software that allows users to communicate with each other in real-time. It offers various features such as group chats, file sharing, screen sharing, and video conferencing. The software also provides a secure messaging environment with end-to-end encryption, and users can customize their profiles and notification settings. Overall, MyChat is a powerful and versatile communication tool that can be used for personal or professional purposes.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Kyle V******a
MyChat software is a communication tool that offers a range of features such as instant messaging, audio and video calls, and file sharing.
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