MySql Data Manager

by Cgiscriptshop

Multifunctional windows web based mysql administration tool software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cgiscriptshop

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Mysql Data Manager for Windows is a multifunctional Mysql database administration tool and database editor. 

This software is a CGI script written in Perl. So it can be running on any Windows OS version with Perl runnable. And it is safe in multiple internet connection scenarios.

The GUI is base on the web browser, which enable user complete set of both higher and lower end operation. The higher-end operation allows the user to finish regular maintenance with mouse clicking on webpage links and graphic selections. And the low-end operation lets the user do the more detailed and specific task as your favorite command style. With this tool software in hand,  you have a wider range of agile solutions to fulfill any Mysql web application requirement.

It is super safe in practical usage, when you log into the administration page via the transparent interface of this software, internally it will not save your credential information into config file directly, such as your password, etc.

All the users privilege to manage the Mysql account and database can be pre-defined and granted after successful login. In the GUI high-end operation on the webpage, all mouse clicks will be converted to Mysql command or predefined commands transparently transmitted to the Mysql server. And all responses from the Mysql server will be transferred directly to Mysql Data Manager, the native message will be converted to web interface reversely and be kept in the log with its original format as well. In this way, the Mysql Data Manager is a transparent interface between the user and the Mysql server, which helps the user to manage the data in the database with pre-defined commands and operations efficiently. 

The root privilege is not required in Mysql Data Manager when access to MySQL Server, for all the things you need to do as a Database Administrator through the webpage interface.

Easy dynamic access and admin Mysql database in windows

  • Web GUI with a transparent and efficient way to access Mysql Server
  • Safe access and response with Mysql Server
  • Prevent high sensitive information leaking or misoperation in practice
  • Compatible in all Windows OS versions.

free trial with limited functions.