by NoMachine

A remote desktop server that allows you to access your information anywhere

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NoMachine

Release: NoMachine 6.4.6

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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NoMachine is a free service which allows you to access your important information from anywhere in the world with a few simple clicks of a button. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and you will be able to access your desktop and view all of the information that you wish. It is your own personal remote desktop and it is both private and secure so you don't have to worry about your information. Best of all, and what differentiates this service from others like it is that it is free of charge with no monthly fees or contracts. It is compatible with any device and it works with any content including both audio and video. No matter what your occupation, you will be able to put this program to good use. 

With this program, you can have the peace of mind that you can access your information anywhere without having to lug around an extra laptop or tablet everywhere you go. Work meetings just got a lot easier! 


NoMachine is a lightning fast service that is available to use FREE of charge.
  • Free of charge and no Ads
  • Works with any content-watch DVDs, audio, video, Hulu, Youtube, etc.
  • Safe, secure, and private
  • Can be used on any device
  • Very fast and quick speeds
  • Automatic updates
  • Access for Android and iOS clients

If you are looking for a safe, secure, reliable, and fast remote desktop then look no further than NoMachine. Best of all it is a free service so there is absolutely no harm in trying it. Use the cloud to the best of its ability and store your computer information in a remote desktop that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Whether it be for work, studies, or just for entertainment purposes, there is a use for NoMachine and it will help make your life easier and more connected. When compared to other programs in the same class, there is really no comparison, NoMachine is number 1.

Aaron Yates
NoMachine is a free remote desktop management software. It allows you to access your files using cloud and local storage on any internet connected device. File access includes also includes multimedia files and streaming services. It is ad free and there are no charges for subscriptions. The service is fast, secure, and dependable. NoMachine offers a simple and flexible remote desktop management solution for business and personal needs. It supports remote desktop access for Android and iOS devices clients and can be used on any device.
NoMachine is a free remote desktop solution. It uses cloud data to set up the remote desktop which you can view anywhere you go as long as you have a reliable internet connection. It claims to be safe and secure.
Jaxon Ard
NoMachine is a virtual desktop that allows one to access information from one computer on another computer as long as the software is on both computers. I think the concept is cool, I am fond of remote desktops as they can be convenient especially when working hard at college.
NoMachine is a software program that you can use if you want to share your desktop remotely with someone else, or in the alternative, if you want to gain access to a computer server from a network. Regardless of your location, you will be able to gain control over your desktop remotely in just moments. It is totally safe and secure to use.
If you work with colleagues remotely, then you likely need the ability to share your desktop with a teammate. You may also need to access a teammate's files remotely. NoMachine for Windows makes it simple to do both. All you'll need to do is install the program in order to gain remote access to any computer. You'll be amazed that it works in just seconds.
the remote desktop that gives access to the application with few clicks on it.
Software is similar to TeamViewer but lightweight and much efficient than it. This has been reportedly used in many places during the pandemic period. Makes work from home easy, reliable, and fast. The minimum requirement is not that much, so even a computer with low specs can run No Machine. Not heavy file zie, easy to install,l and it's completely free.
An awesome free software that will let you connect to any desktop that has NoMachine for Windows installed on it. See your computers from your tablet without leaving your favorite lounging spot. I fully recommend this software for those who need to see their computers remotely...from anywhere. I truly feel that this will be a go-to software, especially since everyone is working from home.
This is Really Good software used for Desktop access. Everyone can able to work from anywhere using this software.This software is Reliable and Agile, extensible and flexible,centralize user access , policy-based access And protect your Network.Its Suitable For different Organizations and just have to install the software than access any browser and device. This software has really good Network security so its reliable to individual from large Organizations.
If you own a Windows program/product and you do not have this software product, then you are missing out! It is very easy to download and set up. This software help you get connected as fast as possible. You can even watch your favorite tv anywhere thanks to nomachine for windows! I love how this software is very straightforward and organized. I own many different platform and i love how this software works in all of them!!! Very happy with it/
The best remote office software available right now. What I love is that it's a product made for everybody. It can provide screen sharing and remote access solutions for large businesses or a free version for personal users. For example, say that you are an absent-minded student like me and that you forget to put your essay on your flash drive. It’s 1hour away to your apartment from university and class starts in 30 mins. The essay is at home on your desktop and you need it immediately in the library to print before class because your professor does not accept late assignments. All you have to do is have NoMachine for windows and connect from your tablet to your desktop computer and get the missing file to yourself in an email and then open your email on the schools library and print the essay. Conclusion, no past due, no failure.
look like complete software for remote access for all the operating systems like Linux, mac, windows , am monitoring friends company's it work, for that this software really a worth of it, control our group computer in the world and start working our works regularly, this is some serious feature, highly recommended, have to look like to be a good software until then updated one.
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