Norton Ghost

by Symantec

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Symantec

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.91886

Norton Ghost includes advanced data archiving and recovery capabilities for personal computers. It is possible to create an exact copy of the hard disk (you do not need to reboot your computer), including for its transfer to another hard disk, and Norton Ghost supports not only the transfer of the operating system, but also the installation of individual applications. It supports fast data recovery, scheduling automatic archiving, copying backups to CDs, DVDs, network drives and USB or FireWire external devices, creating a disaster recovery disc for quick system recovery, and more.

Our users also use EasyRecovery and R-Studio Data Recovery for data recovery.

- Creates full system and file backups

- Creates scheduled and event-based backups

- Allows you to restore the system after a failure

- Full system backup (disk image) - creates a backup of all data on the hard disk or in the

- File and Folder Backup - allows you to select individual files and folders to back up, rather than the entire drive.

- Incremental backup - to save time and memory, back up only modified files.

- Backwards compatibility - allows you to restore data from previous versions of Norton Ghost or Norton Save & Restore

- Load management - allows you to continue working, minimizing the use of system resources.

- Event Backup - Automatically backs up important events, such as installing a program or saving large amounts of data, when they occur.

- Improved compression and encryption - save memory and ensure the security of sensitive documents.

- Google™ Desktop integration - Search index-based backups speeds up data recovery.

- Memory management - automatically monitors and optimizes disk space usage for backups.

- System Status Summary - displays all scheduled backup operations and the backup status for each computer disk in one window.

- Remote management - allows you to manage other Norton Ghost 12 instances in the network. (To install Norton Ghost 12.0 on another computer on the network, an additional license is required.)

- LightsOut Restore - restores the system with the help of the software saved on the hard disk without using a bootable CD.

- Create Virtual Disk - Converts recovery points to VMWare® Virtual Disk (.vmdk) or Microsoft® Virtual Disk (.vhd).

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