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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: OnLive

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OnLive is a client of the digital game distribution service of the same name, using cloud computing technology. It's especially useful for gamers who have weak computers or who prefer a Mac at all. The fact is that by downloading this client you get access to a large library of games that you can enjoy online. More precisely, the game itself will work on the servers OnLive, which will process the player's clicks and transmit to his monitor gameplay in the form of streaming video. That is, to run the latest games with advanced graphics can be on computers with the poorest configuration. The main requirement is a stable and fast Internet connection. In addition, OnLive will save you from a lot of problems related to incompatibility of games and protect you from the need for constant monitoring of system drivers.

It's not that hard to get started with the service. To do this, you will need to create an account on the official website, or in the start window of the client, after which the program will check your Internet connection and display the home page of the service. With it, users can go to a virtual store, which, in turn, will be free to buy your favorite game and start to pass it. Before buying you can read the trial version, or watch the game of other users. The developers of OnLive call their service the future of computer games, and, given all of the above, it is difficult to disagree with them.

- Enables you to enjoy the latest games on weak PCs and Macs;

- you can start working with the service in a few seconds;

- before you buy, you can try the game you like;

- Unlike regular disc copies of games, games purchased from OnLive are launched with one click, do not require installation, and do not throw the user incompatibility errors;

- the client has a nice, thoughtful interface;

- for each game has a detailed description, screenshots and trailer.

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Gamers, do you have a slow or weak computer? "OnLive" has a new option. A client of the digital game with the same name using cloud technology has a solution. OnLive can run the latest games with advanced graphics on even the poorest of configurations. The main purpose is a stable and fast internet connection. It gives access to all of your favorite games and the virtual store. With all OnLive has to offer, their service is the future of interactive computer games.
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