Pet Sitter

by Binary House Software

A comprehensive tool for managing pet care businesses, tracking pet details and scheduling events.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Binary House Software

Release : Pet Sitter 3.8

Antivirus check: passed

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"Pet Sitter" software is an accessible and robust tool, perfectly tailored for those who run a pet sitting business and for those who simply want to take meticulous care of their pets. The software provides a comprehensive solution, allowing you to create a detailed database for pets and planned events. It's an essential tool for pet caretakers and dog walkers, enabling them to manage their business efficiently and effectively.

This software is also greatly beneficial for zookeepers, circus staff, and farmers as it allows them to store all necessary information about the animals. This information can include medical records provided by veterinarians, an animal's specific dietary requirements, their favorite toys, and a great deal more. With the "Pet Sitter" software, you can add as many notes as you see fit, including photos, certificates, and vaccination details.

  • Creation of a comprehensive database for each pet
  • Adding detailed notes, including photos and certificates
  • Search by the pet owner's name and by the pet's name
  • An integrated calendar for planning pet care schedules
  • Reminders for feeding pets or veterinarian visits

Those in the pet care field know that it can sometimes be challenging to remember each detail about the pet they're responsible for. But imagine the convenience of having all the necessary information at your fingertips! That's where the "Pet Sitter" software becomes particularly invaluable.

"Pet Sitter" software streamlines your pet sitting business, ensuring efficient and top-quality pet care.

Additionally, the software also allows you to add the names and addresses of pet owners. The software has a search function by the owner's name and the pet's name. Plus, an integrated calendar makes pet care scheduling a breeze and reminds you when it's time to feed pets or take them to the vet.

"Pet Sitter" also lets you keep track of your orders' cost; statistics for any period can be provided. This is handy for preparing reports. The software supports most formats, including HTML, which means importing information from websites, forums, and conferences is a breeze. Designed to facilitate the communication between different scheduling applications, "Pet Sitter" software guarantees you time and effort savings, while ensuring top-quality pet care!

Software must support the creation of detailed pet databases.
Software must allow addition of comprehensive notes, including images.
Software must include an integrated calendar for pet care schedules.
Software should provide reminders for important pet care tasks.

Allows creation of comprehensive pet databases.
Aids in efficient pet care scheduling and reminders.
Facilitates easy and detailed note-keeping with photos and documents.

Limited tech support can cause difficulties for new users.
The software might be considered pricey for some small businesses.
Lacks an integrated billing and invoicing feature.
Easy way to keep track of pet appointments.
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