Photo editing with artificial intelligence

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Photolemur is an inexpensive photo editing software suite, that delivers a consumer-friendly experience that is highlighted by the feature to quickly edit multiple pictures simultaneously with minimal user effort. 


  • Face finish technology. This technology uses algorithms to perform all of the editings of the faces automatically. Users will no longer have to click on each eye, each imperfection, each tooth in a smile in order to whiten it. Photolemur's artificial intelligence works for you by automatically making corrections to each of these components. You and your friends have never looked better!
  • Edit multiple photos at the same time. All the user has to do is drag and drop the images into the editor, and Photolemur will automatically apply algorithms to enhance each one. 
  • Algorithms: The artificial intelligence inherently built into Photolemur will analyze each and every detail of your photograph, and instantaneously and automatically apply complex adjustments in order to deliver an optional photograph.  
  • Ease of Use. Simply drag and drop your pictures in order to begin editing. 
  • Professional use. Photolemur can be used as a Photoshop plugin with little to no setup.
  • Styles: Photolemur allows users to apply custom filters to each photograph, allowing users to personalize their photographs and delivering professional level photographs with a click of a mouse button.

Photolemur is a robust photograph editing software for people with little to no experience. It is a photo editor for photographers and non-photographers alike. If you need to edit large amounts of raw photos, Photolemur will allow you to do so with extraordinary speed and minimal effort. At the same time, artificial intelligence delivers results comparable to much more expensive software packages. The time savings that can be realized by putting the algorithms to work on your behalf without sacrificing quality is a feature that cannot be overlooked. 

Photolemur's Artificial Intelligence does all of the photo editing on your behalf.
I think this is the first photo editor with artificial intelligence, its the software makes me wonder about the tools, not a regular one, it is a gem software, really useful for the money, i really bought the original version, thanks for the developer
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