Pivot Table

by NeoNeuro LLC

A free tool for intuitive data analysis, delivering trends, charts and key business insights

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NeoNeuro LLC

Release : Pivot Table 3

Antivirus check: passed

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The Pivot Table software is a powerful tool that simplifies the analysis of complex data. It enables you to explore trends, unveil leaders and outsiders across parameters such as region, product, and much more with just one click. Designed to be intuitive and efficient, it saves users time by automating many analytical processes.

Pivot Table software is particularly useful for analyzing large amounts of data and answering complex questions that require a multidimensional analysis. For instance, you can use it to understand how milk sales have changed in New York over the last month, taking into account the type of packaging used. The software automatically organises the most important information, placing the rest in an "Others" group to prevent data clutter.

  • One-click analysis: Thanks to an innovative user interface, data analysis becomes intuitive and fast.
  • Automatic detection of increases and decreases: The software identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your business by comparing periods.
  • "Others" cell: This feature allows focus on the most important elements, preventing charts and reports from getting cluttered.
  • Pivot table creation for any column: This function is achievable with a single click, thanks to the Fast Pivot Table technology.
  • Compatibility with ADO databases: The software can connect to ADO-compatible databases like MS SQL, Access, Oracle, etc.

Furthermore, the Pivot Table software includes a customizable report function in Excel, which automatically generates a complete financial report. Each parameter is analysed on a separate sheet with charts and pivot tables across all cells and rates. This makes analysis incredibly convenient and illustrative. In conclusion, Pivot Table software is an essential tool for anyone needing to analyse data effectively and accurately.

Pivot Table software significantly simplifies complex data analysis, saving users valuable time and enhancing decision-making.
1. Compatible with ADO-compatible databases
2. Capable of generating Excel reports
3. Ability to analyze large amounts of data
4. Operates on Windows, Linux or MacOS

Simplifies complex data analysis with one-click operation.
Efficient and time-saving through automated analytical processes.
Customizable report function for thorough insights.

Can be overwhelming for beginners due to its complexity.
Limited visualization options compared to other data analysis tools.
Occasionally slow when handling extremely large data sets.
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