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Postimage is a powerful program for capturing images from the computer screen on Windows operating systems. The application is very easy to use and was designed to allow users to take snapshots of the screen, or of a selected area, and to share it easily. The size of the capture area can be adjusted manually after creating a screenshot.

The final image can be instantly saved to disk or uploaded to the Internet to your own image repository. The program can also copy the link to the screenshot placed in the Internet to the clipboard, which will allow you to send it to your friends. The application is actively developing and almost every week something new is added to it. All users of the program can send a letter to the developers with their wishes or an error report, which will be considered and taken into account immediately.

- the ability to quickly share images by uploading them to the Internet and sending a link;

- the ability to upload multiple images at once;

- Fast and convenient sending of screenshots using the context menu;

- one of the fastest ways to take a screenshot;

- possibility of setting up global hotkeys;

- Continuous update of the software;

- integration with the shell operating system;

- the program has its own online image repository.

Connor (unverified)
this software makes my life so much easier. Seriously i cannot thank this software and it's developers enough. Taking a screenshot of any place on the screen and sharing the photo is the easiest thing in the world now because of this software
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