by ConeXware Inc

A file archiver program which is able to deal with several different file formats

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ConeXware Inc

Release: PowerArchiver 19.00.48

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This free Windows software program is an archiver for files of various formats. It is for basically archiving any file that you wish so that you can store them safely without having to risk losing them or accidentally deleting them for any reason. You can make and open files of ZIP, RAR, Tar, or 7Z archive formats, as well as many others. I think this is very versatile in terms of which file types you can use and open with this, and that is what stands out the most in terms of features. It also can open RAR and ACE files, and this makes it very convenient to utilize when dealing with these formats. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes working or needs to work with various file formats, as this is an all-in-one tool as far as archiving goes. You can also use a command-line version for those who are very experienced with archiving and would like some more control over commands that go into it.

I think many people would benefit from this, and recommend that anyone who likes me has experience with and needs to deal with ensuring that files are not accidentally deleted and that they are stored safely and correctly. The user interface is also very simple and elegant. The program itself is very easy to use, and once you run it, you basically can sit back and allow your files to be archived safely, effectively, and rapidly. I would definitely recommend this to most people, as we all need to deal with these file formats now and again. In my archiving experience, I have found that I do not like specific file formats to be utilized and that I want a program that archives files to be able to deal with several different types of formats. It is free to use, which makes it even better and which makes it ideal for use and download.

It is also very easy to configure once you do download it. You will get updates every now and then, but they are free, and they also much fix bugs to improve the functionalities of the program. I will definitely be using this in conjunction with other backup programs, as this is the safest way to store files, save files and make sure they are kept in a secure location always without risk of being accessed by someone else or deleted from my device. This program makes it easy for one to make a plan to ensure file safety and make sure that files are archived efficiently and nicely.

It is very versatile, which means it is an all-in-one and does not require external downloads

  • File archiver which is easy to use
  • Works with ZIP, RAR, Tar, 7Z formats, as well as others
  • Elegant interface
  • Very versatile in functionalities, and reliably accomplishes tasks
  • Command-Line version also available
PowerArchiver seems like a very useful software for archiving purposes via Microsoft Windows files. It supports several types of file formats from daily used file formats to less commonly used ones. I would highly recommend purchasing the software, especially for business owners. The software is compatible with Microsoft outlook and the interface can be translated into several languages. The license for the software comes with free lifetime version updates and is very suitable for Windows 7 users. This software would be perfect for my company and would make life so much easier in terms of getting my files in order with a state of the art software such as PowerArchiver.
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