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Allows archival and extraction of files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: 7-Zip.org

Release: 7-Zip 19.00(64-bit)

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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7-Zip has become a renowned and celebrated name within the computing community, giving users the ability to package and extract files with supreme ease. If you're not sure what 7-Zip is, it's a program that allows for the "archival" or packing of files through the magic of computing processes and the like. Imagine you had a present to give someone, and you wanted to include their favorite things inside of a box, and you place everything you can in the box, tape it up, wrap it up, and send it along its way. Now imagine that same process, only much quicker, and with digital files! 7-Zip uses its compression protocols and a lot of other fancy computing terms to turn files of all kinds into one neat, convenient package.

Nowadays, with our computer security being held at the highest priority, file exchange has also evolved as well, and many sites and routes will no longer accept files that are sent unpackaged, or the file size is too large.

This security is backed with the ability to view the files even before you have to extract them, allowing the user a higher and grander sense of reassurance from pesky and malicious files that may harm the user or the integrity of their computer. Extraction is simply exactly like opening that aforementioned present, but of course, digitally.

7-Zip offers users a wide array of choices and formats to choose from, giving consumers as much freedom as possible. And if that wasn't enough, all of 7-Zip's numerous features are entirely free!

Opens and archives .7z and .rar files

  • 7-Zip features a high number of file compression formats
  • 7-Zip features AES-256 encryption of the highest values
  • 7-Zip integrates with Windows Shell with ease
  • 7-Zip has a robust and strong file managing system and a command-line version
  • 7-Zip is available in 87 languages!
  • 7-Zip is entirely free!
7 Zip 15.12 (1.3 MB)
7 Zip 15.14 (1.31 MB)
7 Zip 16.00 (1.31 MB)
7 Zip 16.04 (1.32 MB)
7 Zip 17.00 (1.33 MB)
7 Zip 17.01 (1.34 MB)
7 Zip 18.03 (1.37 MB)
7 Zip 18.05 (1.37 MB)
7 Zip 18.06 (1.38 MB)
7 Zip 19.00 (1.38 MB)
7 Zip 20.00 alpha (1.39 MB)
7 Zip 64 bits 9.20 (1.31 MB)
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