by Variety Of Sound

The efficient audio alignment tool designed to assist music producers.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Variety Of Sound

Release : preFIX 1

Antivirus check: passed

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To analyze your vocal tracks or match the timing of recorded sounds, you need an audio alignment tool that can assist in the production process. preFIX comes as a highly efficient audio adjustment software that takes the pain of aligning different tracks so you can get the perfect mixing of your music. It cleans up the rough recordings, fixes their phase settings, adjusts the frequency, and provides you with the smoothest audio quality for your projects.

The features worth mentioning of preFIX include its spatial stereo field corrections, in which a multi-directional sound field is created to split the audio components. Due to this traditional method of spatial correction, the positioning of the sounds can be performed, and auditory cues can be tracked. This way, you get a fully aligned audio track without any noise or disturbance.


  • The perfect audio plugin to enhance audio functionality or improve the quality of rough recordings.
  • It features digital signal processing to analyze different soundtracks and align them with no margin of error.
  • You can adjust the threshold between -80 and +6dBFS to get the smoothest audio quality.
  • It contains an expander or gate solution to adjust the volume of different audio objects so you can get a well-balanced creation of your mix.
  • The frequency and phase correction properties allow you to make the audio more linear and consistent. Doing so can also improve the audio accuracy and compression or reduce phase distortion.
  • It works on all Windows operating systems and can be easily downloaded on your computer.

To offer pristine audio quality, preFix contains a Baxandall-style shelving filter that minimizes phase shift and improves audio frequency. This audio alignment tool is also equipped with a Smooth Butterworth high- and lowpass filter along with sidechain path EQ.

preFIX offers a set of audio correction features such as phase alignment, routing, and frequency correction to provide you with the best audio quality for your recordings.
1. Operating System: Windows 7 or higher.
2. RAM: At least 4GB for optimal performance.
3. Space: Minimum 200MB of free hard disc space.
4. Supports multiple programming languages.

Simplifies troubleshooting and debugging of codes.
Rapid error detection boosts productivity.
Supports multiple programming languages.

Lacks support for less common programming languages.
The software performance declines with larger codebases.
Does not offer a mobile app for remote debugging.
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