Convert Image to Icon
A freeware software to easily convert your pictures into Windows icons
Spitfire Audio LABS
A bundle of various virtual instruments gathered in one place, allowing for east sound composition
Color Mixer
An evolutionary app to mix colors and get a desired shade
Kontakt Player
Native Instruments player that combines a certain selection of tools and extra instruments
The efficient audio alignment tool designed to assist music producers.
An advanced visual drag-and-drop programming language software mainly for students
A free-to-use versatile software to compose and edit different music pieces
Keyframe Animation
A simple plugin used to animate different objects or create a video
A virtual analog synthesizer with flexible features for sound quality and easy usability.
AVS Media Player
An easy-to-use software to play video, audio, and image files of all formats on Windows
XSplit VCam
A simple background-removal tool, not requiring any extra editing of time put into it
A simple, yet quite developing-deep web-designing tool, meant for comfortable use
A software for managing and organizing music collections
A simple music management software with high amount of handy features
A fractal flames editor, with many handy features
Its utility consists of 4 libraries (Brew, Apache, MongoDB, and PHP).
Topaz Video Enhance AI
The high-resolution AI-powered video-editing software is designed for professionals
An interactive software for designing and manufacturing cabinets
Emby Server
Emby Server is a media player software where you can stream all kinds of media like music, videos, photo, and live-television.
A VSTi plugin consisting of a virtual grand piano
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