Live Midi Keyboard
Midi Keyboard is a free software program that lets you use your computer's keyboard to control music instruments and produce music.
Free Gif Collage Maker
Free Gif Collage Maker is a free program that allows users to quickly and easily create unique and custom gif collages.
Praat is a free, open-source scientific software package for analyzing, synthesizing, and manipulating speech and other audio signals.
Mp3 Volumer
Mp3 Volumer is a free program for adjusting the volume level of MP3 audio files.
ConvertIt is a powerful software tool that enables users to quickly and easily convert files between different formats.
Tiled is a free and open-source tile map editor for creating and editing maps for use in games and other applications.
Coach's Eye
Coach's Eye is an innovative video analysis app that helps coaches and athletes improve performance by analyzing, comparing and sharing videos.
PCDJ Karaoki
PCDJ Karaoki is a karaoke and DJ software application that allows users to host karaoke shows and mix audio files.
Transparent Overlays
Transparent Overlays is a software application for creating and managing interactive overlays for webpages, images, and videos.
Portable MKV Chapterizer
MKV Chapterizer is a portable software program that allows users to quickly and easily create chapters in MKV files.
tinyMediaManager is an open-source media management tool for organizing and renaming large collections of media files.
Draw Circle Rhombus
Draw Circle Rhombus is a software tool designed to help users easily create high-quality vector graphics of regular and irregular circles, ellipses, and rhombuses.
GIF Viewer Portable
GIF Viewer Portable is a lightweight and portable image viewer that enables you to easily view GIF images and animations.
Scarlett MixControl
Scarlett MixControl is a software application that provides a convenient way to control, monitor, and adjust your Focusrite Scarlett audio interface.
Digital Clapper Board
Clapper Board is a software that allows users to easily create and share clapper boards for their video projects.
Hamport (with Omni-Rig engine)
Hamport is a software designed to control transceivers, with an engine based on Omni-Rig, providing an easy and reliable way to control and interact with your radio.
uMark is an easy-to-use, cross-platform software application designed to help users quickly and easily add watermarks to their images.
WAV File Size Reduce Software
This software can reduce the size of WAV files by compressing them.
MyFilms is a powerful, feature-rich media manager for Windows that allows users to manage their movie collection and organize their video files.
Zerene Stacker
Zerene Stacker is a focus-stacking software designed to automatically combine multiple images of the same scene into one perfectly focused image.
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