Spitfire Audio LABS

by Spitfire Audio

A bundle of various virtual instruments gathered in one place, allowing for east sound composition

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Spitfire Audio

Release : Spitfire Audio LABS 3.4

Antivirus check: passed

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Just another sound library? Well, not quite! In reality, Spitfire Audio LABS consists of many various sources, which are all diverse and high-quality samples, libraries, and sound (and sound effects), all compatible with almost any instrument present on your system. First it should be noted that all the sounds and effects were composed by professionals in fitting compartments, such as BBC Symphony Orchestra and folks from AIR studios that are known for their variety and attribute of having great sound quality while also being as precise and close to perfection as possible.

Other than the aforementioned number of added materials developer also provides a guide on using them in the best fitting way, step-by-step techniques training, media composition, and many more topics that are worthy of discussion during the composing process. The app comes in a form of a plugin (VST3 one to be precise), and comes with simple interface to guide you towards needed files, current downloads, products, and settings menu in which you can adjust some basic stuff.  It also comes with a filter for you to search for certain sounds/instruments, or perhaps their specific variations which you may wanna use. 


  • Minimalistic design with interface cut to its basic functions so you don't waste more time navigating the application
  • The program is plugin-based meaning you can syngergize it seamlessly with other software solutions
  • A number of popular (and for a reason) composers and orchestras that gathered to perform the best-sounding samples, someone you could know would be Hanz Zimmer, and there are many others!
  • A simple way of adjusting the reverberation, volume, and dynamic of selected sample
  • A collection of more than 200+ sounds in which you will surely find one that will fit you best, or even a few to choose from, all high-quality and sweet-sounding

So, Spitfire Audio Labs, it is really one of it own. In the beginning of the paragraph it was questioned if it was just another sound library, and, well, this was just addressed by all the things this library is composed of and just how well it does it! 

Spitfire Audio LABS is a package of many diverse instruments, fitting for any musician who wants variety and quality of selected sound, while it also being highly accessible
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
RAM: Minimum 2GB
AAX, AU, VST compatible DAW
Internet connection for download and registration

Exceptionally intuitive user interface, even for beginners.
Comprehensive, high-quality library of music samples.
Completely free, making professional-grade music accessible.

Limited sound manipulation features compared to other software.
No option for adding external samples.
Interface may seem too basic for pros.
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