by Romex Software

Improves system performance through catching scheme

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Romex Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

PrimoCache is a program that speeds up hard drive performance by allocating a certain amount of RAM to the cache of your drives. It works with both SSDs and HDDs, but only the latter can provide significant performance gains. You can specify the amount of RAM used by yourself. The program will calculate the number of "operatives" in the system itself and offer the recommended values. On some versions of Windows, a reboot may be required to move the cache.

The interface of the program is rather simple and clear. All new operations with the disk are carried out by creating a new task in a special wizard. There you need to select the disk or partition that will be used by PrimoCache and specify the actions that are most often performed on the selected disk/partition. The program can set the priority to read speed or write speed.

PrimoCache can also be used as a tool to monitor disk usage, drive speed, and count transmitted and received data volumes. Detailed reports are created during the work process, which you can find in the folder with the program. We warn you right away that using PrimoCache on some versions of Windows (especially Windows 10 with recent updates) may result in BSOD or "blue death screens" as they are called "by the people". So use the program at your own risk only.

- allows you to speed up disk operation by moving the "cache" to the RAM;

- works with any SSD or HDD model;

- the amount of allocated RAM can be selected independently;

- collects statistics on disk usage;

- can work with the entire disk as well as individual partitions.

PrimoCache is a software that is very useful. It caches information that is frequently logged in, such as applications and documents among others. This makes the computer run faster and more effectively. The software also makes writing easier because it stores incoming data temporarily in the RAM or other storage devices, this makes the computer able to handle heavy or stream IOs.The app has features such as different writing modes, multiple storage caches among others that make it a very flexible software and very effective for use.
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