Privacy Eraser

by Cybertron Software Co

This erases privacy concerns for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cybertron Software Co

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Privacy Eraser is a powerful technical utility with a wide range of tools for cleaning and optimizing the system, as well as for keeping many of the user's data secure. Using the impressive functionality of this application you can easily clean up all the accumulated in the system over a long period of time, the so-called "trash" objects: files and folders left on the hdd-disk after deleting the software, registry keys, unused objects for a long time, duplicate files and folders, and much more, which inevitably clutters the "operating system" in the process of its operation.

In addition, Privacy Eracer will always safeguard the complete privacy of your personal information. Using it, you can at any time to clear the browser's cache, its history and cookies, history of viewed web-pages and address bar, entered URL-addresses, DNS cache, history of forms of filling (logins and passwords), index.dat files, Windows search history, "Run" menu history, "Open and Save" dialog history, last opened/saved documents, temporary files, basket and clipboard contents, Windows event logs, error reports, etc.

For more convenience and efficiency, Privacy Eraser is equipped with a number of interesting and useful additional features: advanced cleaning options (with subsequent rebooting or shutdown of the PC), job scheduler (scheduled auto-cleaning), tools for complete uninstallation of software and safe removal of files, the module for editing auto-load/autorunit programs, a tool for complete cleaning (erasing) disks and much more. Also, for today, for the given utility by various developers it is already created more than three hundred various plug-ins, even more extending and without its solid functionality.

Privacy eraser comes with a lot of little tools that will help you optimize your system as well as keep everything you do private. If you value your privacy and want your computer running smoothly, it's a good choice.
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