Process Lasso

by Bitsum Technologies

Automation and optimization softwear

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bitsum Technologies

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Process Lasso is a software that improves the responsiveness and stability of the system. Reducing response times and improving system stability in high load situations is only the most important thing this new and unique technology can give you, aimed at automatically deterring current processes that consume too many CPU cycles. Frequently uncontrolled processes can cause the NT system to slow down. As soon as one or more processes become CPU resource-eaters, stopping them becomes very problematic, as it is very difficult to open even the Task Manager.

With Process Lasso, these processes are temporarily slowed down in priority so that the system becomes receptive. A program can function even if the system's susceptibility is reduced as a result of multiple processes. Besides, you are offered such possibilities as building processes by default on the basis of priority, stopping prohibited processes and logging of executed processes. Process Lasso is extremely efficient and consumes almost no CPU resources by itself. The kernel processor of the system, called the process controller, is separated from the ISU, so you can completely close the ISU, while maintaining the basic functions of Process Lasso. The kernel processor can even be run as a system service so that it starts before the user logs on. However, the GUI itself is so optimized that we recommend leaving it running so that it can be opened quickly if necessary.

Process Lasso helps your computer's CPU stabilize during heavy usage times. Having apps running in the background while playing a game may put a dent in your CPU's performance and this is where Process Lasso comes in to help and halt your background apps' potential CPU usage and lets your game run smoothly.
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