R-Drive Image

by R-tools technology Inc

R-Drive Image is a backup software and disk imaging for Windows based PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: R-tools technology Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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R-Drive Image is a powerful utility that provides the creation of disk image files for backup or duplication. A disk image file contains an identical byte copy of a hard disk, partition or logical disk, and can be created using different compression levels in real time without having to shut down the Windows operating system

R-Drive Image is software that creates disk image files. R-Drive Image is one of the best solutions when it comes to recovery and backup to prevent loss of your data after a critical system failure.

These image files can be stored on a variety of media, including removable media such as CD-R(W) or DVD-R(W), Iomega Zip or Jazz discs, etc.

R-Drive Image has the ability to restore images to source disks, any other partition or even to a free area of the hard disk in real time. R-Drive Image creates a special boot floppy to recover the system partition. If you need to recover specific disk image files, you can mount the image as a virtual disk, and copy these files directly using Windows Explorer or any other file manager

- Simple master interface - in-depth knowledge of computer technology is not required;

- Real-time operation: image files are created in real time, there is no need to reboot the operating system. All disk data is stored in the cache until the image is created. These image files can also be recovered in real time, except for system partition recovery. System partition data can be recovered by rebooting R-Drive Image pseudographically directly from Windows, or by using pre-created boot disks.

The R-Drive image software has many advantages. It can copy files and save the files without any external devices. The R-Drive image software can be used simultaneously with running Windows. Not having to stop and restart Windows is a great efficiency booster.
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R-Drive Image is a comprehensive data backup, recovery, and cloning software program for Windows. It creates an exact image of a hard drive, partition, or logical disk, and stores it in a file. The image file can be used to restore data and system to the original state in case of a system crash or data loss. It can also be used for creating bootable disks and cloning different disks.
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